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Insane Mode Campaign Aquanos Solo (May work on HC, just did norm for survival unlock)

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I'm loading my NMHC build, should work just as well, or better, so after you get geared enough you can use the same build for NM.
I just did Insane mode Aquanos, here are the stats/images of the chars i used:
Tower Countess:
THP:1300 TDMG:770 TAoE:663 TAR:457
Tower Initiate:
AL:1500 AES:676 AES:700 AR:690
Tower Series EV:
BHP:1293 BDMG:1195 SBST:811 BRT/BDMGRATE:332
Tower Adept:
THP:974 TDMG:907 TAoE:698 TAR:647
Hero Huntress 465K DPS (probably could be done with a little lower dps):
HHP:722 HDMG:887 HSPD:576 HCR:413
Here is the link to DDplanner:http://ddplanner.com/?l=8116-8117,nmhc-aquanos
I used a huntress with a genie pet to keep gaining mana while damaging the boss to be invisible. When boss comes out go invisible right away so the boss doesn't one shot you, then find the boss and take out the tentacles, once it opens its mouth and is damageable back away and take off invisibility so it follows you and you can dps it. When it becomes immune again become invisible again and repeat what i said before. By the way my genie wasn't great, but it still got the job done, its stats are: 2116 dmg, +41 HHP, +37 HSPD, +10 HDMG, +24 Ability 1, +4 Ability 2, +23 THP, +57TDMG, +41TAoE, if you are selling a mythical genie i may be interested post here or send me a pm/friend request to my steam account, it's Troqdor.

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just saying, with stats like yours, all you need is like 3 harps with a buff beam thru them for each choke. then you just afk till the boss and boom your done -.- the harps act as walls and the ogres die fast enough that they dont do too much damage to em.
but looks nice for if you have lower stats and need to farm up other chars :P

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Yeah, your setup is overkill. I just did Aquanos Insane Solo using much lower stats characters with this setup:


Characters used:
Tower Countess - http://steamcommunity.com/id/KarmaTheAlligator/screenshot/540677806177644829/?tab=public

Aura Initiate - http://steamcommunity.com/id/KarmaTheAlligator/screenshot/540677806177655741/?tab=public

Buff beam EV (wasn't even that high since I got the seahorse after) - http://steamcommunity.com/id/KarmaTheAlligator/screenshot/540677806177650386/?tab=public

Trap Huntress - http://steamcommunity.com/id/KarmaTheAlligator/screenshot/540677806177660360/?tab=public

DPS Monk, who didn't have the Trans Seahorse, so remove about 170 from HP and Damage - http://steamcommunity.com/id/KarmaTheAlligator/screenshot/540677806177664850/?tab=public

That setup also saw me to wave 27 right after.

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Same as post 2, i just whack 2/3 poons at each crystal buff beamed with the tri stack of auras, clears NM everytime (stat dependant :p)

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yeah, after trying this with more people i had modified the build, and worked pretty well, removed the towers near the defender's forge and placed more harpoons around, i almost had it to where i had an orge tanking the boss with three mages healing it all in TBB and had a group of archers come from behind and attack it, but found i need to make the highest choke nearer to the spawn, i'll update it after i finish leveling a lot of chars to 74 so they can use myths. no one really commented on it so i never updated it, i guess i will now

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