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NMHC Endless spires with summoner, no traps

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Here the build I've been working, summons are a great help to deal with spiders, without wasting DU just for them.


Squire 847/2247/908/725
Monk 1296/1155/1289/630
EV 1077/1689/1006/515
Summoner 1449/1621/901/1403

The elettric aura is meant to deal with small monsters to lift a bit the work of the Harpoons. If you have better Harpoons probably you don't even need it. On Higher waves I need to repair things arround, but it was not a great problem, if sharkens don't mess with the defenses, reaching 25 shouldn't be a problem. The hard part is above wave 20, so I think also with lower set it's possible to get over 15 and get the chance to drop some good myth.

I'm open to suggestions, questions or criticisms! ^_^

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I have a few recommendations for ya:

-I'd look into using auras for AA on the two southern crystals, much better than harpoons because they'll cover 360 degress. Place an Ensnare + Strength Drain + Lighting aura for each south crystal right where you have the AA harpoon. These auras will also hit enemies walking up the side staircases as well, killing all the trash long before they get near the walls. Also, I'd move your cluster of harpoons up onto the rim around the crystal (and if you try my Ogre as walls suggestion below, I'd put the Ogres right where your cluster of harpoons is currently).

-Try losing the walls and just summoning an ogre for each wall location instead. This is mainly because towers have much better range than summons so IMHO it's better to have extra towers as opposed to more Archers/Mages.

-I wouldn't use so many reflect walls. There's no need for them to be doubled up in front and behind your walls. I honestly wouldn't even bother with them because all your frontline is Strength drained so nothings doing that much damage anyway, so you can just add more towers instead.

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