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PC Lag issue (search results came up with nothing)

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I've been playing DD since release and i have never had a lag issue, i stopped playing a couple weeks after shards 2 was released and when i came back installed shards 3 and summoner DLC and now i cant play the game without it being choppy.

I have tried everything,

Checked Video Drivers
Verified Steam Files
Defragmented chache files
Uninstalled Reinstalled
Lowered all graphics settings to the lowest
made sure no other programs running in the backround
multiple screen resouloutions (didnt make a difference which i picked)
removing controllers and any controller files like x360ce for non xbox controllers

so i wanted to know what is in the recent patches that is destroying the gameplay?

I did a search for a topic like this the only one i found was for mac, i do not play on a mac
i run a
intel 2.2ghz dual core
4gb ram
geforce 9800GT

I also have absolutely no lag issues playing games with high graphics\internet usage such as:
Diablo III
World of Warcraft
Starcraft 2
Rusty Hearts

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There's an option in the config screen that controls the multi-threaded renderer. Try toggling that.

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I have also tried that and it doesnt do anything either.

After verifying the files it detects 2 that it replaces, i run it a second time right after and it doesnt find any.
I run Dungeon Defenders game is still laggy and choppy, i exit the game and run a check again 2 files are bad again. I have done this 4 times now and everytime 2 files are bad and replaced.
What can be causing the files to become bad after running dungeon defenders loading a character than exiting the game?

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