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Hosting PvP Elimination Event

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First person to get 15 kills eliminates the opposing contestants. First person to win against the first 7 groups win.
Event Starts: Sunday 3 P.M (EST) ends 7 P.M (EST)
Event info
Character: Squire only.
Weapon: Clean High Five
Armor: None
Arena: Contestants Choice.
Difficulty: Easy
Winner Receives Genie King's Shard-staff. With a choice of Xilent's Rhythm Staff...
Genie King's Shard-staff 41 upgrade's level Requirement: 60
Xilent's Rhythm Staff 30 upgrades level Requirement: 20
T-26 is the new prize!!!!

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i wanna sign up and if possible help host
PSN AsTrO_Shootz

same here i could host for you plus i know both u and astro

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