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[ISSUE] Djinn flying away

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I've been having this issue a lot over the past couple months, but only recently has it consistently stopped my progress on later waves of survival.

The issue is that the Djinn on Mistymire Forest and Shipwreck are getting to my traps and auras and then flying very high up in the air. From there they are only being damaged by the lightning aura, but are also able to despawn my traps and worse my walls (which of course despawns my buff beam as well, still surprised that this hasn't been changed).

Early waves of survival this is fine, but when I have 3 ogres on the other side of that wall with 35 mil hp each, it is basically game over if I am on the other side of the map repairing.

Is it possible to add a "ceiling" to the maps so the djinn can only fly up as high as a melee can jump to hit them? Or simply tether all mobs to the ground so that they have no vertical axis of movement unless it is a special ability (e.g. ninja or spider pounce).

EDIT: I should also note that on both Mistymire and Shipwreck the djinn also enjoy simply flying through the terrain and coming from behind a set of defenses to despawn them as well.

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