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So have you seen the Diablo 3 Forum?

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I just picked up the game yesterday out of sheer Sunday bordem.

While it was downloading, I wanted to get some info on the classes and their mechanics, so I made my way to the forum. Would you believe that every other post, in every single class board was (and still is) a whine thread?

The community was a turn off, so I found my info elsewhere, but there was one thread that really made me laugh and it was titled, 'The Wizard Sucks' and in the body was, 'I wasted $60.00 bucks and over 60 hours playing this game blickty blah blah blah.'

I don't know about you, but I think I would have gotten my monies worth if I played a game for 60 hours in less than a week of it's release.

P.S. - The game is great!

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Meh. You see a lot of whine threads here :P
I'm not really liking diablo III even though I only played starter edition. I'm just not hooked to this game like I was to torchlight.

But yes, whine threads are expected in almost any specific RPGame. It's hard to balance things out.

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