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Help with Morrago NM Build

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I am looking for a resource that will help my team get a solid Morrago build working.
Right now the crystal in the southwest corner, the one that is boxed in, gets nailed
by wyverns. We are trying to determine the best harpoon placement to prevent this.
Any resources will be helpful.

Anyone out there a Morrago NM expert?

Thanks for any assistance/advice,

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Campaign/Boss or survival? This may help with people giving you advice as builds get adjusted between them.

Well, if wyverns are the only problem, a buff beamed electric/ensnare/strength drain will pretty much kill any wyvern every time (outside of gold buffed Aquanos wave 20+ survival mixed mode fish-wyverns, which get plain huge). If you really want to use harpoons, when I did campaign (pre-EV), I used harpoons south of the southwest crystal on the ledge aimed southward. They would guard that choke but prioritize wyverns that got close and be well lined up to him them in their path.

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