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Yet Another DD Runs Crap On Mac thread (YADDRCOM)

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I figure we better make an acronym because we will use it allot.

I have a i7 16GB ram, the works. Allas its an imac (allas for DD, because all my other programs run like the wind).

DD works, it plays, but the mouse feels like i have to drag it trough tons of mud. Its very very sluggish, even in the menu.

Anything after the initial waves slows the system to a halt, i mean not beeing able to upgrade/repair, get killed on HC because you run in the lava.

Now don't tell me to install bootcamp or run windows. I won't i switched years ago and never want to go back.
And DD is official out on Mac, so i demand it runs according to the specs.
I payed for all the DLC's and have yet to see them of the lag.

Current state is that for us Mac players (and if you count the threads, there are allot of them with problems) its almost unplayable.

Now i did not come there to whine. I also work in IT and know that its not that easy to always pinpoint the problem.

So i offer my services, TN what do you need? Do you want crash reports? Computer specs? You want us with macs to beta test some things? Please let us know so we can enjoy this game on our Mac's.

I really enjoy the game and believe you made a very good addicting game. Now make it so for Mac.

Thank you

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We're still working on the mac performance issues and we have an update in the works right now. Hopefully we can get the patch out soon to help make the game play smoother. So we haven't forgotten you at all, it's just the performance issues can take a bit longer to fix than a normal issue.

Some players have had better experience by turning off sound in the configuration menu(outside of game not inside). I would try that if you haven't and see if that helps out a the issue a bit.

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I'm very aware that performance issues are not easy to solve. That is why i offer to help.

Hearing that a possible is underway is music to my ears.

If you need someone to test it feel free to contact me.

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Im also willing to test
Intel Core 2 Duo
16 gigs of ram

P.s. I already have over 300 hours invested in the game when i did the bootcamp thing. Im in the same boat though, not going to do that again. Going all Mac.

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