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Current PC Patch Notes (8.5, Emerald City Update)

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Current Patch: 8.5 (Emerald City)


  • New Map: Emerald City
  • New Challenge: Flames of Rebirth - Embermount Challenge (rewards new shield and random ember accessory)

Quality of Life Changes

  • Fix random player spawn in the void on CD
  • Added coal to Etherian Holiday

Balance Changes

  • Several difficulty reductions for CR2 and CR3 bosses, particularly for solo


  • Fixed Genie King not coming out of his lamp after time limit
  • Fixed reward sound not when Fenix and Ember Pony are rewarded

Fixes (Controller Specific)

  • Controllers should be able to target Dragon on Crystalline Resurgence 3
  • Phoenix should have targeting priority over other targets for 
  • Controllers should now be able to use the 'set active folder' properly in AFK shop management

8.4 Return to Crystalline Dimension


  • Arcane Library - New map with a new acc as a reward.
  • CD Resurgence Part 1, 2 and 3 - Each map has a boss with updated rewards from Mistymire, Moraggo and Aquanos.
  • Tavern - while the tavern is not new, the outside has been removed along with the outside portal and other effects to help improve load times

Note: The Crystalline Maps still require the DLC and the maps unlocked in order.  

Quality of Life Changes

  • Loot table added to show the number of drops of each quality on the ground. Use Shift to see along side the map of a level. It also works in the tavern.
  • Move tavern items in Overlord mode
  • Added Host Ready Up override - CTRL G
  • Add MU to HUD under DU
  • New Tower DPS calculation shown at the bottom of tower info.
  • Enemy spawn billboards in perspective view will toggle on/off when toggling them with O on the minimap
  • Added CD to map list so the Portal isnt required
  • Increased AFK shop price limit to 1 trillion.  
  • Circular Slice can be activated in the air
  • Lock tavern item drops/pickups by default.
  • Detonate Traps will now open presents in the tavern to help test towers
  • Add page of items in inventory to trade - CTRL T
  • CTRL drag to move an entire page of items
  • Hide green dot "upgrade" item overlay in perspective view - CTRL P
  • Jester “move tower” ability should cycle through overlapping towers
  • Players should automatically drop mana when being kicked
  • Updated mask sockets to make some accs fit chars better
  • Hardcore option should be remembered across sessions now
  • Added lightning towers to dynamic lighting toggle under options
  • Damage number 4 has been updated so it doesn't look similar to the 9
  • Added forges to assault maps
  • Dont wait on receiving stats to be able to go to next level
  • Flash heal and all wheel patterns (except kill%) now work on tavern dummy
  • Present never drop junk items in tavern
  • Increase mana token limit to 1T
  • Slow ogre fix - If only ogres are left at the end of a wave and the map is empty, you dont have to wait 15+ seconds for next ogre to spawn
  • Temple of Water frame rate improvements for medium/low graphics
  • Potential frame rate improvements on many maps

Balance Changes

  • Lightning tower - reduced Boss damage by 50%
  • Warrior Minion Revamp - cannot be targeted by or collide with enemies, damage scaling increased, unaffected by buff beam, loses health when it attacks 
  • Buffed ToL accs and Pirate Patch to match Santa accs
  • Santa Spectacles have been added as a winter face acc to Winter Wonderland and Silent Night
  • Dice pet added to King’s Game survival
  • East core Randomly dies on Temple of water - removed kobolds from spawn
  • Orcs/Ogres should not move when in “hold defensive”
  • Buffed several pets to roll ultimate more often (Monkey, Parrot, Ember Pony, Fenix)
  • GTH2 gives 2 accessories per char now
  • Guardians no longer try to boost towers that they cannot affect

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - Tower/Hero boost should always use highest boost now
  • Fixed - Items get stuck behind spawns. You can now pick up items from further away or use Summoner’s Overlord mode to pick up items during build phase only
  • Fixed - Jim Darkmagic and Demoness speed advantage. The value to give them the extra speed was being overwritten
  • Fixed - Two actors getting stuck and unable to move
  • Fixed - Updated Mana token mesh and minimap icon which previously showed as an egg
  • Fixed - Only host can change song on juke box
  • Fixed - ESTs attacking players in certain scenarios
  • Fixed - Trap no longer shows up in the light beams from the ceiling in Temple of Water
  • Fixed - Spiders showed wrong range value when inspected
  • Fixed - Hardcore always should always be displayed on the client when selected by the host
  • Fixed - Water surface in Temple of Water should not block aiming now
  • Fixed - Gun jamming bug
  • Fixed - Monky/Parrot should no longer try to shoot an enemy through a wall
  • Fixed - Game Setup UI would randomly freeze
  • Fixed - Mana falling through center of map in Aquanos
  • Fixed - Spider web on Huntress Santa’s little helper costume was very wide and not properly scaled
  • Fixed - Salem Event Cat range was capped at 90
  • Fixed - Switching weapons didnt always work properly
  • Fixed - Prevent Phoenix from getting stuck
  • Fixed - CD portal didnt update when difficulty was changed
  • Fixed - Stuck mobs on Moonbase survival
  • Fixed - Temple of Water pathing on the North side
  • Fixed - Shift click and CTRL click should work with pets that have stored mana
  • Fixed - Reflect beams should now update the kills value
  • Fixed - Hovering triggered Old One platform glitch
  • Fixed - Spiders shouldnt get stuck if their target is unreachable
  • Fixed - Fairy healing display
  • Fixed - unintended attack rate reduction on Ember Flame weapon
  • Fixed - ogres spawning after Polybius challenge is complete
  • Fixed - soft lock bug (waves that never end after enemies run out, forcing host to restart the map)
  • Fixed - players dying if they hover during teleports on Polybius / event maps

The Tavern Expansion

8.3.1 Hotfix

  • Fix to an exploit found in 8.3
  • Performance improvement made to tavern
  • Fixed several minor issues in Temple of Polybius


  • New Tavern Expansion : First floor expanded, All new second floor, Diamond Forge, Exterior Space, More combat dummies, Expanded Ultimate Defender Room with New Juke Box
  • New Challenge Map - Temple of Polybius with new weapon rewards
  • New Campaign/Survival Map - Temple of Water with new weapon rewards and pet reward
  • New Intermediate Campaing/Survival Map - Dread Dungeon with new accessory reward
  • New Steam achievements and tavern trophies for Moonbase, Buccaneer Bay, and Temple of Water
  • New tavern trophies for Embermount

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Added Hero Info button back to ESC screen
  • Added Box to Enter Mana in Trade (ex 5.0b will add 5 billion)
  • Max Hero limit raised to 40
  • Max tavern limit doubled to 180
  • Tavern: Items Dropped by Host Hidden in private rooms should be hidden from guests making private rooms.. private.
  • Tavern: Item Recovery added to the void, if something escapes reality, it’ll re-appear by the first floor forge!
  • Item upgrade count now visible in trade under Item Info
  • Added count of items contained within Folders in Inventory
  • Remove items from shop even when Inventory is full
  • Auto lock all items going into inventory except when picking up off the floor
  • Sped up Summoner casting in tavern
  • Wheel o Fortuna Damage All percentage reported on the tavern dummy
  • Added animations to Anamorphic Ember
  • Spider and DEWs should now find you anywhere on the map if you there is a path 
  • Stuck Enemies should now die
  • Fixed missing ceiling in Glitterhelm and performed a texture art pass to make Glitterhelm live up to its name.
  • Added Santa bracers to Winter Wonderland and Silent Night
  • Add new mask and cufflinks to Temple of Love
  • New Santa accessory cosmetic set bonus
  • New Valentine accessory cosmetic set bonus for male and female
  • Added shields to count towards cosmetic set bonus
  • Holding down survival wave increase/decrease buttons now works
  • Colorized circle component on dropped equipment to match particle beams
  • Updated beam toggle to cycle through beams and circles underneath items.
  • Added profile save event after rewarded equipment
  • Fusion Rod base damage display is now the same as all other staves. Now you can compare base damage 1:1 with existing staves (Classic, bloodshot, etc). DPS is exactly the same
  • Removed TV monitor to improve tavern performance, especially when in other player’s taverns with the new tavern. 
  • Improved network performance on Temple of Love for clients
  • Hit T when hovering over an item in the itembox to add to Trade
  • Hit O to toggle Enemy Wave Billboards on minimap 
  • Hit P to toggle Towers on minimap 
  • All heroes drop mana in a nice pile like the summoner
  • Added Boss Rush countdown shortening switch
  • Reduced Silent Night countdown to 15
  • Allow purchases from Tavern Keeper even when item box is full
  • Fast menu transitions enabled by default
  • Added Harbinger spawn notification

Option Menu Updates
  • Reordered options to put them under appropriate sections
  • Change Voice tab to Sound
  • Added Display CD portal
  • Added Display Cosmetic Set Bonus
  • Added Tower Upgrades Displayed
  • Added Significant Digits Displayed
  • Added Tower Transparency options

Balance Updates
  • Boosted DST projectile speed and damage as well as added new enemies to targeting system. from Djinns => Wyverns => Mages TO Djinns => Wyverns => Sharken => Copter => Mages
  • Adjust Gold Enemy Buff as fixed increase of 200% on NM and Insane, 100% for Hard, 50% for Medium and Easy
  • Buffed Tinker’s Lab Blasters on NM to be better than Insane
  • Buffed Tinker’s Lab Mega Chicken stats around 30 points on NM 
  • Buffed Eternian staff to be closer in damage to Classic Standard
  • Buffed Winter Wonderland weapon damage to lower part of high tier weapons
  • Reduced Phoenix charge attack vertical damage
  • Reduced Copter spawn rate during Phoenix boss fight
  • Buffed Fenix and Ember pony to be closer or little better than seahorse due to challenge of farming
  • Removed Map exclusive accessories from Lab Assault (ie CD, ToL, GTH, WW/SN and Palantir)
  • Buffed Spooktacular 2 accs to Lab Assault levels
  • Revert Hyper Rifle elemental damage halving due to 2 projectiles.  
  • Ember Accessories ult cap is 600 instead of previous 500.
  • Reduced small coal requirement to make a small diamond from 88 to 44

Bug Fixes
  • Possible fix for trade glitch where both players lose their items
  • Fixed max upgrade count not shown in trade on item info
  • Fix for armor being removed more than weapons (weapons were rated higher in quality)
  • Fixed Talay and Moonbase survival start waves
  • Fixed EST traps on Assault maps not damaging
  • Fixed Hero Info Screen tower stat overlap so numbers aren’t hidden
  • Sealed off Tavern Defense secret room so players cant fall out of the map there
  • Fixed not being able to build on left bridge in Tavern Defense
  • Fixed Tavern Defense Snowman not attacking
  • Fixed Imp stat prediction
  • Fixed gobler shield handle positioning
  • Commented out K key binding to killme command
  • Fixed opacity scaling
  • Fix for items removed during build phase
  • Evil Hero bosses on Winter Wonderland and Silent Night no longer despawn after 2.5 minutes
  • Fixed Tower Wars Spider Queen health overflow causing them to never act or be able to take damage
  • Fixed spelling of "marshmallows" on Anamorphic Ember
  • Fixed AFK shop bug that crash the game for some players
  • Fix to mitigate wave skipping
  • Fixed Battle Droid not weakening enemies
  • Fix for Phoenix killing itself
  • Towers should now move with vertical moving platforms in ToW
  • Fix to Allow Jester to get Apprentice weapons as rewards
  • Fix for unintended increase in leather armor on survivals
  • Fixed hats being backwards on Super Legendary Huntress
  • Fix mana from chests going under the floor
  • Fix for Mistymire survival weapon drop rate to be in line with other Shard maps
  • Fix for 60% of random elements rolling Lightning
  • Fixed moon pet to spawn with tiered level requirements. Max level requirement bumped down to ult90 to line up better with other pets.
  • Fix for Embermount boost pad to activate every time.  
  • Fix for damage numbers disappearing above 5mil
  • Fix for excessive mana on the ground in Moonbase NMHC Survival 
  • Fix for AFK shop not allowing players to buy anything if host has too many items in item box

Bug Fixes
  • Gold Enemy Buff reverted
  • Fenix pet from Embermount is now persistent

8.20 (The Rising Phoenix Update)
New Content
  • Embermount Volcano campaign map with Poenix Boss
  • Embermount Tavern Theme 
  • Steam Achievement and Phoenix feather plaque when beating Embermount
  • New enemy - The Harbinger
  • 4 New weapons (1 for each class)
  • 3 new pets in Embermount Survival
  • 3 New accessories for Embermount - Brooch, Mask and Bracers 
  • Story line cut scenes for Embermount
  • Moon Pet added to Moonbase Survival
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Cosmetic Accessory Set Bonuses: Crystal, Embermount and Palantir (based on hat, mask and bracers)
  • News page updated

  • Items rated as transcendent or above have a particle beam showing over the item to make picking them out of the pile easier. Beam only shown on items not filtered from the minimap by quality
  • Added toggle key (b) for particle beams
  • Updated minimap colors for ult+ and ult++
  • Electric aura’s can damage the tavern dummy
  • The highest damage dealt to a target by chained proximity mines will be dealt instead of the first to deal the damage
  • Maximum starting wave is now set per map (24 on 25 wave maps, 28 on 30 wave maps, 32 on 35 wave maps, 36 on 40 wave maps)
  • Camera rotation is locked when in top down placement mode (building / repairing / upgrading)
  • New Setting - Can move while building (disables movement while in top down placement)
  • New Setting -Enable tower dynamic lighting (significant performance benefits when disabled.) Affects traps and projectile towers (most notably inferno traps and fireball towers) Requires restarting DD after enabling to take effect. Disabling requires a new tower of that type to be built.
  • Cursor placed relative to the hero in the placement casting state
  • Removed slight frame rate dependency from many damaging towers. All projectile towers, Lightning Tower, Slice’n Dice, and Proton Beam. Every point in tower rate counts. There are no breakpoints.
  • New item comparison calculation for armour and accessories
  • Items can be renamed when at their maximum upgrade level at the cost of one upgrade
  • Item naming character limit has been increased to 36
  • Added a report issue button to the pause menu
  • Palantir, Greater Turkey Hunt, CD, Temple of Love, Winter Wonderland, and Silent Night accessory multipliers now match those awarded by lab assault
  • Moonbase now has a survival mode
  • Added confirmation message when hitting 42 on Moonbase DDR machine
  • Initiate Enemy Drain ability, Spider Minion web, and Wheel of Fortuna buff/debuff enemies resistance factor applied to the training dummy
  • Jester’s Move Tower and Wheel abilities can be used in the tavern
  • Trap/Aura selection priority is identical for repairing. Selection will be based only on current health percentage.
  • Trap/Aura upgrade priority favours traps when upgrades are equal, otherwise whichever tower has the least upgrades.
  • Instant upgrade will favour towers that can be upgraded over repairing towers that are at their maximum upgrade level.
  • Traps and auras can overlap spawns and show a warning when doing so
  • BucBay - Repositioned the hero spawn points to face the main crystal and open area instead of the dead end.
  • Golding an enemy (by Djinn / Wheel) increases its power by a percentage so the power boost scales into higher level games
  • Djinn ability casting durations depend on difficulty (enemy gold beam and tower desummon). That is to say, buffing/desummoning takes more time on a lower difficulty
  • Summoner minions can move sensibly over short distances with no pathfinding mesh present (ie. when placed on walls, they won’t always jump off before moving along)
  • On Nightmare difficulty, the 50% of loot that was not receiving wave/difficulty multipliers has been replaced with fully scaled items
  • Party Popper tower animation scaling reduced so it doesn’t spaz out with only a few points in tower rate
  • EV beam collision is now much more consistent between pre/post placement
  • Armour vs. weapon comparison skewed more in favour of armour to bias the drop removal priority
  • Traps on uneven terrain can now trigger on any walking enemy inside its radius
  • Slow ogre spawns on some maps on NM difficulty are much improved in many cases
  • Armour type drops rates boosted by 25% for random equipment drops.
  • Character health over 1 million is displayed using the high value format to 4 significant figures (eg. 1.234 M) to prevent the health value running off screen
  • Excess equipment removal function has been rewritten. Fixed an unconfirmed issue which removed many more items than intended under some circumstances, and it is much faster.
  • Excess mana removal function rewritten. Introduced a biasing system to keep tokens with a larger value around for longer. Large tokens will still be deleted eventually. This is not a bug, but a design decision that was made to prevent players waiting until the end of the round to collect mana and not being significantly penalised for doing so.
  • Multiple upgrades can be applied to an item in a single click when using “pro mode”. No key down - 1 upgrade per click. Shift down - Applies up to 9 upgrades per click. Ctrl down - Applies up to 50 upgrades per click
  • Predicted stat value will account for the number of upgrades to be applied
  • Invasion shows the current phase number in the UI
  • Inferno trap damage and attack rate updates for (de-)buffs in real time

Bug Fixes
  • Possible fix to lock down hero info and equipment info UI istances to help prevent future chances of item stealing
  • Fixed Diamonds spawn
  • Fixed flying enemies not correctly triggering traps
  • Fixed Pure Strategy on Embermount and Buccaneer Bay
  • Proton beams and inferno traps with high attack rates now deal damage every tick. Multiple proton beams can also damage the same target because of this fix
  • Public games being played on a different version no longer visible in matchmaking
  • Items with all negative stats no longer show as an upgrade if no equipment is present to compare to
  • Large aura’s (>18 units in radius) are always picked up immediately when entering upgrade/repair/sell casting modes
  • Fix lightning tower not being able to chain off an enemy if it kills it in the same tick
  • Fix for semi-random interval between first and second shot after reloading a gun
  • Fix for other heroes banked mana being displayed incorrectly in the pause menu
  • Fixed ghost pillars in Hall of Court
  • Palantir no longer warns of fish wyverns
  • Old One’s belly crystal can be attacked by all weapons
  • Instant upgrade will no longer attempt to repair towers that have health above the normal repair threshold
  • Fixed south west doors on Buccaneer Bay that wouldn’t animate on wave start..
  • Fixed unintended increase in high level armor dropping
  • Fixed Ogres dropped by Goblin Copters damaging crystals in CD and WW.
  • Fixed Djinn casting time being accelerated by ensnare auras
  • Enemies set to golden state don’t retrigger the Wave 10 and Wave 20 survival difficulty spikes
  • Prevented any item spawning with negative damage, upgrades, or ammunition (observed as 1/1 upgrades, 10 damage, or 1 ammunition spawning too frequently)
  • Summoner minion collision on client games now matches the host (no more rising out of defences)
  • Phase shifted summoner can no longer be killed by explosive attacks exceeding 100,000 damage
  • Fix apprentice / squire / huntress weapons spawning with incorrect (high) quality ratings
  • Fix items with 8 negative stats being evaluated as godly
  • Fix double multiplication bug causing items in the tavern shop to show up with much higher than intended prices
  • Mix mode skeletons will now always timeout if they get stuck in an unrevived state
  • Moonbase gravity is not dependant on frame rate
  • Tavern XP bonus doesn’t award a “score”
  • In Local/Open game modes, having the mod missions selected will not lock out the Shards and Lost quests buttons
  • Loot multiplier scaling now increases with every wave of a map (integer division…)
  • Fix stretched Squire masks
  • Fix for wyverns, djinn, and goblin copter pathfinding logic stalling and appearing stuck. Fixes the infamous CD wyvern along with almost every other stuckage for these three enemy types
  • Fix floating damage numbers disappearing offscreen when attack rates continuously exceed 10 times per second
  • Fix health decay rate for proton beam depending on the attack rate
  • Possible fix for goblin copters forgetting to drop their ogre when the drop zone is reached
  • Possible fix for DEW / Spider targeting when there are no targetable players on larger maps
  • Jester “Move Tower” ability now uses the same placement rules as when the tower is being built.
  • Fix mapname not being visible to clients in the tavern in some circumstances
  • Fix accented ‘U’ in Uber maps being incorrectly formatted and not showing as an accented ‘U’
  • Fix projectile speed multipliers on Moonbase Quietus reward being unexpectedly low
  • Fix issue preventing item particle effects showing up correctly while dropped on the floor (to be used for new items)
  • Fix weapons equipped to the series EV not always hiding all particle effects correctly
  • Fix map selection UI jumping to Deeper Well if a player joins the game when looking at the Lost Quests maps
  • (Partial) Fix for repair/upgrade auto selection finding a tower out of range
  • Fix for minimap quality filter breaking for qualities above Ultimate

Balance Updates
  • Slice’N Dice and Lightning Tower - Higher damage output. Damage per tick now increases with the attack rate stat so that damage output continues to scale into lategame (including buffs and debuffs). Scaling revised to account for this.
  • Bowling Ball Tower - Faster attacks. Animation time exponent increased from 0.8 to 1.0 (significant increase in high end attack rate). Bowling ball tower damage had fallen well behind at high levels due to it’s below average animation duration scaling. Increasing the scaling exponent to 1.0 brought the damage up to comparable levels and makes it easier to compare across towers for future changes.
  • Magic Missile Tower - More powerful attacks. Damage scaling exponent increased from 1.105 to 1.15. Single target towers need to do more damage than multi target towers. The MMT wasn’t, so it gets a small buff.
  • Darkness, Inferno, and Gas traps - Base charges increased to 3 from 1/2/2. 
  • Ethereal Spike Trap - Base charges increased from 2 to 4. Attack radius now scales with trigger radius so it can always hit the enemy that triggered the trap. Damage now scales much, much faster
  • Proximity Mine Trap - Base charges increased from 2 to 4
  • Mana Bomb and Purity Bomb - Significant increase in damage scaling. Blocked in assault challenges due to combination of absurdly high damage and long range

New Content
  • Temporary Moonbase themed tavern
  • Buccaneers Bay Campaign Map (Including Survival)
  • Pirate Invasion Challenge
  • Two new weapons
  • Two new pets
  • New accessory
  • Two new towers for the Jester

  • All boss cutscenes are now skippable
  • The trading UI supports viewing all 48 items that can be present in a trade
  • Projectile towers now accurately report the period between attacks (previously the firing animation time was not included)
  • Added a thousands separator (,) to all numbers using high value formatting when between 1,000 and 1 M
  • Tavern Dummy report text moved above hit damage text to allow for easier viewing
  • Tavern Dummy averaging period increased from 2 to 4 seconds to improve consistency
  • Tavern Dummy now reports the total damage dealt as well as the DPS
  • If Nightmare difficulty is selected in the tavern, all towers, heroes and pets will deal the damage they would in the map. Any towers or heroes spawning while Nightmare is selected will use Nightmare levels of all other stats but will not update when switching between difficulties.
  • Mana token and player shop max price increased to 2B
  • EV builders can now move while placing the child node of a beam. The player must be within casting range of either node to begin construction
  • Imp and Tower boost repair traps and beams the same way they do other towers
  • Traps and beams now use identical repair logic to other towers and will not allow repair focus for only a single charge during combat (can be repaired during combat from 95% health)
  • Tavern shop can now sell items with prices sensible for their quality (tavern shop quality consistency to be improved later)
  • Greater Turkey Hunt wave 9 time limit increased by 30 seconds
  • Item Value is reported using the high value formatting (eg. 2.1204 M) to improve readability. This is applied to the item box, player and tavern shops, item tooltip, and item inspect panels
  • Tower Wars and Moonbase now have level previews in game setup
  • Hit damage text is of a constant size. Size is about half of the previous maximum
  • Hit damage text is placed relative to the target, not the hit location
  • Jester present boxes have new defenses and adjusted spawn chances (Lower chance of item/ogre/mana spawns, and the spawn chances are now different for each type of present
  • Jester present box unlock levels increased to make room for the new Defenses
  • New Defenses added to the Jester
  • Jack-in-the-Box (Level 1, 3 DU, 40 mana): A Defense with a fairly short-range, forward-facing punching glove. It has high health and a slow attack rate, but makes up for this with high damage and knock-back capability, with a 20% chance to knock back enemies normally immune to knockback effects, such as Ogres.
  • Party Popper (Level 3, 4 DU, 50 mana): A standard, mid-range projectile defense which shoots a wide range of projectiles with different attributes at random: Magic Missile (generic), Archer Minion arrow (generic), Fireball (fire, small splash radius), Djinn magic bolts (Fire, Lightning, Poison and Purity- all piercing), Deadly Striker bolts (generic, passes through walls), and Ogre poison balls (poison, huge splash radius). Inspecting this tower will show the element and damage for the next shot to be fired.

Bug Fixes
  • Reload speed, charge speed, knockback, blocking, guardian and propeller cat boosting stat generation clamped within their allowable range (no more picking up a sword with 1000% Blocking Bonus only to find it turned into 30% in your item box)
  • Tavern Dummy is only hit once per tick by the Slice’N Dice and Lightning Towers to match all other targets
  • “Pro-Mode” and “Invest All” function as expected when the cost to upgrade exceeds 1B mana
  • Greater Turkey Hunt correctly spawns 8 turkey bosses
  • “Invest All” will bring the bank mana to zero if the upgrade cost is greater than the banked mana
  • “UnLock/Lock All” item box functions no longer cause long freezes when used
  • Akatiti water no longer removes the slowing effect of a spider web
  • Projectiles reflected by a reflect beam no longer trigger the genie pet granting mana if they hit an enemy
  • Enemies with suppressed elemental effects are always affected by gas traps
  • Guns with negative ammunition counts (displayed as 1 ammo) can now be upgraded
  • Fix banking mana at the forge eating the invested mana
  • “Report Issue” button in options menu now points to a public form (and results are sent directly to the CDT)
  • Online mode defaults to steam
  • Fix for certain weapons forcibly spawning with max stats

* Added Moonbase to Ranked. 
* Player mana ceiling increased to 1 trillion.
* Inventory limit increased to 600 for Ultimate Defenders.
* Added an option for hosts to disallow the selling of allied towers.
* Added “unlock all” and “lock all” buttons.
* Potential fix for the items being lost during a trade.
* Auras are now darker in the middle and shouldn’t cause framerate drops.
* Players can now hide their accessories without losing the stat bonuses they provide.
* Players can set a rarity tier filter for the minimap.
* Higher-tiered items are layered over lower-tiered items on the minimap.
* Highest-tier items have their own color on the minimap.
* Players can now move while trying to find where to build a tower.
* “An Ogre Has Arrived” text and noise has been removed.
* Items dropped by the player now drop directly in front of the player to improve accuracy and reduce frustration with setting up tavern shops.
* Reduced the number bosses on Greater Turkey Hunt. 
* The display method for damage and mana numbers have been changed to extend their range.
* Removed DungeonDefenderStore buttons

*Missing Information

(Unversioned Hotfix)
* Fixed the Lost Eternia Shards maps so they now load correctly

* Added "Temple O' Love" Challenge Map to the "Etherian Festival of Love" DLC, including such items as new Accessories, a New Costume, and 2 Achievements

* Akatiti weapon reward quality restored to correct values
* Diamonds will no longer generate with the running speed stat, it's unnecessary as they tremendously boost your speed anyway.
* Santa Hat sockets fixed up
* Barbarian Tavernkeep Imposter Costume increased to "Super Legendary" Quality, Santa Imposter Costume changed to Legendary Quality

* Added a powerful new item quality class -- can you find them?!
* Reduced Silent Night and Winter Wonderland Boss Difficulties, and increased build time on Winter Wonderland by 40% (+ added 5 additional beefy starting Chests), and increased Build Time on Silent Night by 15%
* Changed Silent Night to not destroy Defenses before Boss, to not decrease DU's, and eliminated flying units during Boss Fight
* Improved quality of Silent Night & Winter Wonderland Xmas Weapons rewards
* Made "Santa Imposter" costume follow the "Super Legendary" scaling rules
* Increased Ultimate & Regular Item Box slots by 20
* Increased Skeleton on a Treadmill scale, improved colorization, and increased quality
* Fixed double-sensitive mouse chase-camera turn speed
* Enabled Gamepad Chase & FPV Camera for "Swap Triggers / Buttons" Gamepad Control Scheme

* Added "Silent Night" Challenge and "Winter Wonderland" Campaign Map to the "Etherian Holiday Extravaganza" DLC, including such items as new Accessories, New Costume, New Pets, 4 Achievements and 3 new Crystal Cores to earn
* Increased Maximum Heroes to 32
* Added 50 more Ultimate Item Box Slots, 40 More regular Item Box Slots
* Added First Person View to Gamepad Control Mode!
* Improved Halloween Spooktacular weapons added to Spooktacular 2, as well as the Costume unlocks
* Upgraded Dungeon Defenders Development Kit to 7.47, with ALL up-to-date game content including Tower Wars, Akatiti, and Holiday 2012 Contents. Also fixed in the DDDK: cooking maps with sublevels now works, and now all original maps can be successfully cooked without having to set "Is Official Map" to False.

(Unversioned Hotfix)
* Buffed weapon rewards from Akatiti for NM and NMHC
* Higher end accessories drop correctly now on Nightmare for Akatiti so they are better than Insane mode
* Fixed weapon damage per upgrade on Obsidian Gladius to be back to what it originally was
* Reduced the high end drops for Akatiti on Insane to be more in line where they should be

* Added Supreme Accessories Rewards to Akatiti NM & NM Hardcore (& very very good accessory rewards to the other difficulties). Note that this can reward ALL current accessory types. Also made Akatiti Survival Mode easier -- specifically Survival/PureStrat/MixedMode.
* Fixed various stuckage spots in Akatiti & Tower Wars
* Tower Wars: Faster Enemy Upgrade Difficulty Scaling, per-difficulty (Scales faster on Nightmare than on Easy, for example)
* Fixed Wheel o' Fortuna not correctly entering cooldown if cancelled
* Fixed Jester Present's Defenses not correctly being created by Jester Hero if Hero was swapped out during Build Phase

* Fixed a case where Goblin Copters would get stuck on Akatiti Jungle
* Fixed an issue with Goblin Mech boss on Akatiti Jungle not functioning properly
* Fixed the monk reward weapon from Akatiti from being quite huge and spawning with 2 ranged attack upgrade slots
* Removed hardcore mode from Tower Wars due to causing several unintended effects
* Fixed an issue that caused the spider queen on Tower Wars to spawn and instantly die
* Doubled the bridge size in Tower Wars to prevent stuckage issues when both sides mass spawned units
* Projectiles from towers now have a much longer range so they don't expire when using large tower ranges

* Added workshop Map "Akatiti Jungle" Bonus campaign mission to Ranked and Open Mode for winning first place in the map contest
* Added workshop Map "Tower Wars!" a 4v4 competitive PvP map to Ranked and Open Mode for winning second place in the map contest

* Added "The Greater Turkey Hunt!" Challenge, and accompanying items
* Increased Regular & Ultimate Item Box Sizes by 20 slots
* Fixed issue where per-difficulty Recommended Hero Levels were not properly displaying on various new missions

* Fixed Crash on Halloween Spooktacular 2!
* Fixed volume of Hero-Bot sound on Halloween Spooktacular 2
* Fixed unlocking of "Pumpkin Party Nightmare" Steam Achievement

* Added Halloween Spooktacular 2012 content!:
+ Additional Spooktacular Challenge Mission!
+ 8 New Halloween Accessories
+ New Unlockable Halloween Eternia Crystal
+ 2 New Achievements
+ Surprises...
* Increased Item Box size by 20 items for regular Item Boxes, and 40 for Ultimate Item Boxes
* Halloween Spooktacular music now playable on Tavern Boombox
* Raised Maximum Hero Stat Point to 1000 per stat type! (up from 180)
* Stat Limit on 'Ultimate+' quality gear raised to 700 (from the standard Ultimate value of 600)
* Control-Click on Hero Stat will now allocate only 100 points per click, rather than all of your available points per click. (Useful for high-end respecing with the new Hero Stat allocation limit)

* Fixed possible Achievements earning bug with "Tavern Defense" mission
* Fixed missing Trophy and Pet Dummy in Tavern
* Fixed various collision and pathing issues on "Tavern Defense"
* Recolorized Party Hats so that both stripes are colored
* Fixed Incorrect 'Kobold on Treadmill' Pet icon

* Added "Anniversary Pack" DLC which includes a new Campaign Bonus map, 4 new Accessories, a new Crystal Core, and 2 Achievements.
* Added Themed Anniversary Tavern
* Increased Max Level to 100
* Added super-rare "Ultimate+" Items which require level 100 but have greater Upgrade potential
* Compiled game in "optimized" shipping mode rather than "release", resulting in a substantial PC performance improvement

* Super-legendary parent costumes are now nearly as fast as the legendary-parent costumes. (to those who have earned the Super Legendary outfits, we bow to your righteous might! )
* King's Game now about 10% Easier
* Hero Selection & Swap Hero now display 8 Heroes in a page
* Huntress and Hunter 20% exponential ramp damage buff (high-end heroes approximately +50% end-result)
* Raised level cap to 93 along with slightly better high-end item randomization possibility (which requires 93), in preparation for upcoming Event
* Weapon types which had a lower Ultimate damage boost per level than Transcendent damage boost per level have been fixed, Ultimate is now at least as good per Upgrade as Transcendent in all cases. (is not backwards compatible to pre-existing Equipment however)

* Fixed issue preventing controller users from rotating towers with Jester
* Using "Move Defense" Ability on EV Reflect walls no longer prevents them from working properly.
* Fixed spawn points on "The King's Game"
* Sharken and Djinn will now only charge/desummon Towers on an enemy team.
* DDDK Dev Tool now lets you specify whether your map is Coop or Competitive or Map Contest, for upcoming Steam Workshop tab filters.

* Fixed missing tower prevention circles (visuals) under spawns in The King's Game.
* Fixed Goblin Copter flight height in The King's Game.
* Fixed spawn nodes in The King's Game to face their proper directions.
* Changed chests to have 300 mana each instead of 100 mana in The King's Game.
* Fixed head piece of Bounty Hunter Jet Pack costume being turned the wrong way.
* Added new "Don't Use Multi-Threaded Renderer" option to Mac, which can make Mac more stable (at a cost of some performance)
* Wheel o Fortuna Kill Percent of Enemies will no longer kill invincible enemies.
* Fixed a stability lockup issue with Mac that could occur during level loads
* Some stuff for DDDK: Enabled enemies to pathfind on much larger levels, potentially up to 4x the previous maximum pathfinding size. Also fixed an issue where enemies dropped by Goblin Copters weren't properly inheriting the team of the Goblin Copter.
* Changed mesh particle systems to use a pool of mesh components, resulting in a substantial performance and memory savings.

* Fixed Case where Giraffes would not drop upon completion of NMHCMM King's Game.
* Lowered The King's Game difficulty by 15%.
* Fixed in-game resolution checkbox selecting incorrect value when using non-standard resolutions.
* Fixed where Wheel o' Fortuna "Heal Allies" only healed the caster instead of all allies.
* Corrected Wheel o' Fortuna text "Debuff enemies" to "Buff enemies". Reduced its buffing intensity from 20x to 2.5x
* Added NEW "Debuff Enemies" Wheel o' Fortuna pattern (Enemy, Enemy, Crystal) with its starting debuffing properties being -40% damage-dealing by enemies (and scales slightly with your Fortuna stats), and -60% damage resistance by enemies.
* Fixed Sky gfx on Hall of Court and Lifestream Hollow MonsterFest

* Fixed Enemy Difficulty Scaling on The King's Game, additionally slightly increased the reward quality as a result of the error.
* Fixed Wheel of Fortuna Golding Bosses
* Fixed Wheel of Fortuna Damaging Bosses
* Fixed EV Beams improperly displaying current level after being downgraded by Wheel of Fortuna
* Fixed Exponent error that was causing Wheel of Fortuna to debuff players instead of buffing them
* Fixed Wheel of Fortuna "unable repair" debuff to properly recognize duration timer.
* Fixed Presents never spawning towers on Servants Quarters.
* Fixed Presents not sticking true to stats upon opening on some stages.
* Fixed Case of erroneous Ultimate weapon drops on King's Game.
* Fixed Case where Move Tower would not correctly select or move Auras up or down inclines.
* Fixed Case where Move Tower would not select an aura with a high tower radius stat.

* Added new Jester Hero class, Fool Costume, and "The King's Game" mission & associated loot
* Further improved Mac performance, and added & optimized support for Macbook Pro Retina display resolution (and any native Mac display rez).
* Spider Minions can no longer be webbed, and Enemy Ogres can now be webbed
* Reduced Goblin Copter floating height by 33%, enabling melee characters to more easily hit them
* Further reduced Goblin Copter flight speed by 20%
* Made Copter Ogres lose 70% of HP if they are dropped from a destroyed Copter
* Mod Maps no longer become deselected in the Mission Setup UI when someone enters or leaves your Tavern
* Sky City ninja Djinn/Wyverns should really be fixed now. Promise.
* DDDK Updated to contain all Dungeon Defenders content! (Eternia Shards, New Heroes, etc)
* DDDK map cook sizes are smaller now: textures from the original game are no longer cooked inside mod maps.
* DDDK is now a Tool, not a DLC. Accordingly, you must re-download it from the "Tools" section of your Steam Client (Dungeon Defenders Development Kit). It's significantly larger now with all the new content... :-P

* UNVERSIONED HOTFIX: Mac Core Audio spatialization (stereo left/right) fixed.
* Palantir: Reduced enemy HP, fixed variable Ogre HP
* Minions are now affected by enemy Spider Webs (it's only fair :) )

* Fixed Palantir Demon Boss HP, reduced overall enemy HP's by 35% on this level, improved the quality of Palantir rewards, and fixed a bug where Palantir accessories were only awarding to the Host

* Mac: Changed Audio system to use CoreAudio rather than OpenAL. Yields MAJOR performance gains and memory savings, and audio-related crash fixes.
* Added "Palantir" Bonus campaign mission to Ranked and Open Mode, includes 4 new Accessory items.
* Increased interval between Goblin Copter flares, makes them more likely to get hit by Towers
* Increased server-side initial connection timeout to 100 seconds, enables super-slowly-loading clients to successfully make into games/taverns that they previously couldn't join in time (used to be 30 seconds).
* Sky City: Fixed Djinn desummong Defenses through wall
* Raised Host hero level Search filter to 90
* Fixed "white sky" problem on Moraggo
* Mac Fixed potential performance problem with Seahorse projectiles (on any graphics setting < High)
* Mac fixed potential crash with Lens Flares
* Fixed Music Skipping during Boss Rush Spider Queen

(Unversioned Hotfix)
* "Hero Class" online game filter works again, and is now server-side to be much more accurate
* Fixed a potential NetDriver crash that appeared to occasionally result in online gameplay crash
* Fixed Mac rendering issue where Heroes appeared translucent over their Accessories

* Globally Reduced # of Goblin Copters by > 33% on all maps except Crystal Dimension and Sky City
* Countess 'Joust' ability begin and end animations speeds increased by 2x, for quicker activation/deactivation
* Mana Tokens deposited by Shop Sales will now accrue value into a single ItemBoxed Token (up to 999,999,999 limit) before automatically creating another Token, rather than adding a new Token every transaction
* Online game Filtering by Difficulty is now done server-side to yield more accurate results from the entire set of Online games
* Eliminated some assertions that could have needlessly caused crashes
* Increased the interval between Goblin Copter Flares (to make them less effective, towers more likely to hit), and reduced Copter Missile Damage by 25%
* Djinn can no longer engolden Goblin Choppers
* Increased Summoner exponential HP ramp in PvP/Competitive modes by 60%
* Goblin Copter death explosion will no longer hurt Towers
* Fixed invisible ledge that Ogres could stand on in Magus Quarters
* Crystalline Dimension now tends to drop much more rare loot (increased rarity weighting)
* DDDK: Costume Level Entry info (in the MapInfo) now works again for mod maps. Enables you to setup custom loot scaling values (among other things) that work in the cooked map, level description, level preview image (only is visible after a user has played your map).
* DDDK: You can now set "DunDefMaxPlayers" in the MapInfo, enabling you to make maps which support more than 4 players (up to 32 players)
* PC and Mac: Significantly optimized the rendering performance of dynamic actors and skeletal meshes, resulting in a speed boost particularly when rendering lots of enemies
* Mac: Fixed black z-fighting issue on characters/dynamics on Mountain Lion OS

* Buffed Apprentice Towers Damage Ramp by 15%
* Copter Ogres Health and Damage Buffs reduced by 33%
* Restored Tower Targeting priority to regular priority on GoblinCopters
* Limited how many Goblin Copters will simultaneously be spawned based on # of players in-game. 1P = 5, 2P = 7, 3P = 8, 4P = 10.
* Copter-Dropped Ogres will lose 60% of their HP if dropped forcefully (i.e. you destroy the Copter in advance)
* Copters will no longer target Crystal Cores
* Optimized Texture Memory usage at Low and Medium Graphics settings to help reduce cases of video memory-access stalls
* Fixed Damage Per Upgrade Cap on Ultimate 'Steamsaw' Weapon (Ultimate category now has same Upgrade Cap as lower categories -- this is a "buff" on how it was previously, Ultimate was erroneously lower)
* Fixed issue where already-downloaded Steam Workshop Custom Missions weren't being listed, if you had one downloading in progress. Now they always list properly even if a download is occurring.
* Copter death explosions no longer hurt Eternia Crystals
* Fixed GoblinCopter Paths on Shipwreck MonsterFest
* Fixed a startup crash that some people were getting
* Max Heroic Stat Value increased from 120 to 180
* Reduced "Sky O' Love" Pair-Matching requirements by 40%
* DDDK: Dev Launcher Tool will automatically update the existing Steam Workshop entry (if any) when you try to Publish a Cooked Map to a different Steam Workshop Title. (Some users were getting confused about how to update their maps, so this will make it easy for them to do so by having it automatically update the existing Workshop entry.)

* Fixed certain Hero Portrait colors
* Boss Rush Drops improved
* Goblin Copters will no longer appear on Campaign Mission First Waves
* 20% Buff to Propeller Cat Pet Range & Damage Boost
* Fixed Copter Ogre Hat not disappearing properly on Crystalline Copters
* Improvement for Crystalline Dimension latency
* GameSpy can now play Custom Missions Online... for real this time! :)
* Fix for Leaderboard Titles being inaccurate... for real this time! :)
* Fix for Glitterhelm Goblin Copter pathing... for real this time! :)
* Another Fix that should unlock all Steam Achievements you've earned... flushes the Steam Stats cache properly!
* Crystalline Dimension: Old One Boss will not attack for 3.5 seconds after his introductory cutscene, to give you a little more time to prepare (he'll play a Taunt :) )
* Companion Cube Pet is no longer required for "I've got Monsters In My Pocket" Achievement, but Monk Animus now is.
* You no longer take any damage or momentum when respawning during the Crystalline Dimension Boss
* Fix for Clients sometimes not unlocking pertinent Hero Costumes/Rewards after beating Crystalline Dimension; note that you do have to own all 4 Shards Missions to get the Crystalline Costumes/Rewards still.
* Fixed a rare crash involving Stats collection
* Increased the bandwidth pipe a little to reduce latency issues in high-traffic games (3K/s more allocation per client)
* Projectile Towers now favor targeting other enemies over Goblin Copters (since the flares will mostly distract projectile tower shots anyway)
* Legendary Knight Circular Slice / Bloodrage sound is fixed to be Manly

* Cavern Goblin Copter pathfinding fixed
* Fixed earning of Reward Items on Boss Rush Challenge, for real this time
* Goblin Copter Ogres now wear a bombadier hat so you can tell them apart (they don't attack Crystals, etc)
* Fixed minimum join level requirement being set to 0 if you Host with a character above level 83
* GameSpy Online/LAN will now list installed custom missions too
* Fixed Talay Mines killcount not incrementing (could have also occured on other maps too, all resolved)
* Further increased the Damage Buffing (+33% more) and Effective Range (+25% more) of the Propeller Cat Pet

* Fixed Boss Rush Reward items not being given
* Fixed Crystal Dimension Ogre Stragglers
* Sky City Battlecruiser boss no longer can get into a state where he won't ever take damage
* Crystal Dimension Portals will always show up now as they're supposed to
* Better loot drops quality on Sky City and Crystal Dimension
* Better XP gains from SkyCity and Crystal Dimension
* Super Legendary Huntress is now visible in the costume selection screen
* Potential fix for Steam Achievements not unlocking when you earn the in-game Accomplishment
* Fix for getting the "I've got Monsters in My Pocket" Achievement, and you no longer have to remove and re-add all the Pets into your Item Box to get it.
* Propeller Cat Pet Hero-damage-buffing and effective range increased by 33%

7.38 through 7.34 in the third post!
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NOTE: NO CHANGES! Just fixing a redirect error.

* Added "Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 4", and associated Shards finale content & secret contents
* Added 8 new Achievements, and associated rewards
* Raised Level Cap to 90
* Added new "Ultimate" loot category, with level 90 requirement, at higher stat limits, levels, & full-set-bonus.
* You can now generate Mana Token items of arbitrary value at the Tavern Shop's Services panel. (Mana Token items have the same resale value as the amount of Mana you generate them at)
* Your Player Shop will now automatically put excess sale Mana into Mana Token items, until your Inventory is filled up, allowing your Shop to stay open beyond the 2 billion Mana cap.
* +40 Item Storage increase to 260 slots ... if you achieve a certain in-game accomplishment.
* New Crystal, new Costumes, new weapons, etc,
* Added Hero Portait Images for ALL Costumes!
* Integrated Steam Workshop, and DDDK now automatically cooks for both Mac and PC. You can browse and add maps from the Steam Workshop while in-game, and if you join a Workshop map that you don't already have downloaded, the Workshop subscription page for that map is automatically opened for you. Most usefully, moved all Custom Missions to their own Mission Setup tab, rather than putting them in the "Challenges" section.
* Massively improved the Search Filter capability so that it's now done Server-side, so that filtering by mission will correctly check among all games being played anywhere online (rather than just filtering among the 50 sessions normally returned, as was being done previously). Also added correctly working search filter capability for custom (Steam Workshop) missions.
* Increased camera Max Zoom Out distance by 33%
* Costumed Hero portraits are now correctly displayed in end-of-match stats.
* Redesigned Trap-Active VFX to scale better at end-game (not blot out the screen, etc)
* Fixed a loading crash with MacBook Pro (Retina)
* Fixed various sound crash issues Mac users were experiencing

* Massive latency/bandwidth reduction: low priority messages (etc damage notifications) are grouped together and throttled for greater transmission efficiency, and all Aura & Trap damage notifications are calculated client-side. Together, these are a massive savings and eliminate known cases where the game would run out of available bandwidth.
* Maximum Enemy movement speeds are now clamped, yielding e.g. approximately a 40% reduction at Wave 24 Aquanos
* Running the game with -tcp command will no longer skip the Launcher screen (was making it difficult for such users to configure their controls)
* Initial Steam Workshop hooks
* Fixed a case where chat messages may have been dropped on high-latency/low-bandwidth/lossy connections
* PC Configuration Tool "Use Sound" value fixed for disabling sound
* Fixed a potential XAudio PC sound crash
* Massive global reduction in enemy spawn count scaling based on number of players.
* Lots of behind-the-scenes Shards 4 / Finale work... :)

* Talay Mines Survival spawn counts lowered to the appropriate levels of other maps
* Fixed issue where Bowling Ball projectiles could appear to not pass through Reflection Walls on Clients
* Talay & other 6-player Maps Pure Strategy now correctly supports 6 Players
* Fixed an error case where Multiplayer Lobbies weren't being shut down properly. Can resolve "Failed to create game" & "Failed to join game" errors.

* Infinite Number of Minions can now attack Practice Dummies simultaneously
* Talay Mines fixed "Disappearing Mana" / "Enemies Not Dropping Mana" in lower area, fixed Djinn going into ceiling, and prevented top-down camera/build-camera from going into the ceilings
* Summoner Opening Action Wheel no longer cancels summon in Overlord Mode -- note that before this rolls out, you can still Multi-Summon by pressing the Minion Summons Hotkey (default '6')
* Improved Summoner Minion AI to utilize full Attack Range when moving towards Target (will stop at maximum range and attack). Added correct 20% Minion Mage Range Buff (was missing before), and boosted Minion Mage Healing amount by 10% more

* Fixed Talay Mines "Enemies Not Spawning" / Map Starting on Wave 1 (occured for some users, timing issue)
* Talay Mines added 40 more seconds to Build Phase Timer, and 50% more starting Mana
* "Volcanic Eruption" Challenge lava now destroys Defenses as well
* Fixed Talay Mines Wyvern Pathfinding issue

* "Rotate Camera" keybind is fixed
* Overlord Mode Gamepad "Left-Bumper to select/drag-select units" is now working properly (and any issues with minimap toggling resolved)
* Increased Minion Mage and Minion Archer Range Ramp by 20%
* Increased Minion Mage Healing Strength by 20%
* When using Call-Out after leaving Overlord mode, it now properly updates to your Hero's Location
* Overlord Mode fixed Control-Click functionality (Ctrl Left Click to add units to selection, Ctrl-Right Click to go into Offensive Move)

* Massively improved rendering performance of 3D text (on Forges etc), should improve Build Phase performance for everyone. Re-enabled on Mac as well.

* Added "Talay Mining Complex" Premium Mission Pack, along with Demoness Sumoner costume and New Loot & Pet
* New Spanish Translation, courtesy of Ryo567! The DunDef community thanks you, Ryo :D
* New French Translation, courtesy of Linkolas! The DunDef community thanks you, Linkolas :D
* Added Gamepad support for Summoner Overlord Mode!
* Sharken will no longer charge Minions & Djinn will no longer attempt to Desummon them
* Added Icon on Minimap indicating where your Overlord camera is
* In Overlode mode, you can now click (and optionally drag) on the minimap to teleport/move the Overlord camera around
* Calling-out ('C' key / B button) when in Overlord mode now puts the waypoint indicator at the Cursor location
* Minion Mage Damage Ramp reduced by 25%, Minion Orc & Minion Ogre Damage Ramps increased by 20%

* "Attack Target" order now stacks onto any other Order, so the Minion will revert to whatever its previous Order was after the Target is destroyed
* Other Summoners entering Overlord mode no longer reset your cursor position
* Other Summoners selecting your Minions have a different color so you can tell it's "not you" who has it selected
* Pet Attack Rate from two equipped Pets is now properly separated
* Summoner Hero Damage ramp (essentially for Pet Attack Damage) buffed by 35%
* Summoner Client-side Minion animation speeds are now correct, previously animation speed boost by upgrading Attack Speed would not be seen on Client
* Occasional Client not seeing correct Sharken-pushed Tower Location resolved

Summoner Tweaks/Fixes/Enhancements:

* You can now ride on your Minions, as can other players! (i.e. Ogre-mounting)
* Summoner Minion Kills now count as player-kills (adds to your Score) in PvP
* Issue where Minions in "Hold-Defensive" would not utilize their full attack range is fixed
* Minion Spider and Minion Mage will no longer attack Poison and Fire immune enemies respectively (since they can't damage them)
* Minions now gain targeting priority onto Desummoning Djinn & Charging Sharken, as Towers do
* Minion Mage Healing effectiveness increased by 20%
* Minion Ogre HP buffed 33%, and Minion Orc HP Buffed 25%
* Minions can now path through the Forge
* Situation where you could take damage/die in Overlord/Phase Shift is eliminated
* Minion Spiders in Hold-Defensive mode will not walk out to melee-attack enemies now -- they'll just fire their webs at a Distance, making them more useful in this mode.
* Minion Mage will no longer revive enemy Skeletons within the Heal radius
* Improved Summoner Accessories positioning
* Summoner Overlord zoom extents for Aquanos adjusted to allow proper selection in overhang area
* Issue where Minion Mages would still move out from their 'Hold Defensive' position is fixed
* You can now hold Left Alt or Right Alt to pan the Overlord camera at 150% speed
(Did you know: you can hold Control when clicking to add/remove selected Minions in Overlord mode, without losing your current selection. You can also Control-Rightclick to order them to Offensive Mode/Hold, whereas the regular RightClick is Defensive Move/Hold. And Double-Click in Non-Overlord selection mode will exit Selection Mode.)

General Changes
* Hero Selection UI automatically appears for Player #1, if no Hero is selected when entering the Main Menu's Player Selection UI

* Summoner released!
* Final under-the-hood Summoner tweaks/fixes/improvements.
* "KillMe" command will now work! You can enter it in the console, or bind it to a key in your UDKInput.ini

* Auras no longer grab "Repair" focus when they're down a small amount of HP in Combat Phase
* Buff Beams are now given (top-of-list) favored prioritization for tower-selection
* PvP deathmatch maps once again have DU's
* Disabled 3D Text Rendering on Mac for the time being, resulting in a major rendering performance boost
* More Under-The-Hood Summoner Tweaks

* Treasure Chests can again be opened in Pure Strategy
* Various under-the-hood Summoner tweaks (no pun intended :) )

* You can now use the +/- keys (or whatever is bound to "Aura Trap Radius Increase/Decrease") to cycle through overlapping Tower Selection (i.e. cycle through selecting a Trap underneath an Aura, or the Aura, etc). Holding down (either) "Alt" key and using Zoom-In/Zoom-Out buttons (default mousewheel) will also cycle through selected Defenses.
* ToggleSpectate command now works properly when you create or join a new game, or a game without other players. (i.e. without having to kill yourself)
* You can now bind "KillMe" command to any key, if you want a self-kill key
* Fixed high-upgrade items rolling-over resale value
* Added Summoner testing hooks
* Piercing projectiles can now pass through Moving/Warping cores
* Allowed UDKEngine.ini's "bInitializeShadersOnDemand" to be set by the user in his INI, changing to "true" can resolve some NVIDIA driver crashes
* Added Options "Lock Tavern Item Drops" (prevents non-Host Tavern Drops) and "Lock Tavern Defenses" (prevents non-Host Tavern Defense Summons/Sells)
* Moraggo Campaign Mission starts at Wave 5 again (it was mistaking changed to 7)
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