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Small Djinn tweak? =)

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Most of the adjustments were pretty good. The melee chasing-jumping-swinging is still a little much.

When you hit one with a melee weapon, it should cause it to come further down to the ground. Sort of like pulling it down and beating the crap out of it. They start getting 2M-3M-4M+ health, it's really annoying to be jumping around like a mad fool across the map. Not to mention when there's 3-5 others taking down your DU.

If a melee manages to track it down, hits it, I think it should fall to the ground as you do.


As it's health lowers, it's altitude also is lowered. So if it's mostly dead, it's barely off the ground.

To balance it maybe they stay higher on average then they do now, but once they do get hit they start dropping towards the ground. It's getting to the point where I have to bind jump to something else my spacebar is dying. =)

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I always try and heard them towards the towers and it seems to work okay. I do hate it when they decide to fly higher. Tornado stance can only jump so high.

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Health like mini-ogres.
Poison, fire, and electric attacks.
Hit harder than dark elf warriors.
Fly like wyverns.
Two spells: desummon and buff unit.
Run away like mages...

I think they should remove either flying or fleeing. They don't need both...
My squire hates flying enemies...

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