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Please fix the 100 or more Djinn Spawns at the end of MistyMire Survival

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I decided to give MM survival a try again last night after not playing for awhile.

I made it through wave 12 with only a few walls and traps unsummoned. (Yes I gas trap all lanes, my DPS is a barbarian, i split screen with builder out both have . Djinn's will still fly too high up for the gas trap to effect them or into a corner where it doesn't reach and unsummon the trap, nothing you can do, they can not be interrupted except by the trap).

At wave 13 there will be this obnoxious noise at the very end of the wave, that sounds like the "an Djinn has arrived" noise is stuck. You'll notice that it's not stuck, but 100 Djinn's have just spawned as well as 50 or so spiders just dropped. These Djinn's i believe have around 2million health each. This is annoying but if your lucky it's doable. I say lucky because if Djinns stack to high they start flying into odd paths. This will happen every wave past 13.

Fast forward to wave 16 (farthest I have made it since patch), you will have even more Djinn's but now they have 10 million+ HP. Also be aware the harpoons will not target Djinns unless they are as close to the walls as other mobs, targeting seems to be proximity then priority. When you have 120 Djinns with 3-5million HP stuck in gas traps in all lanes you might as well alt f4 because as soon as they stack up enough they will fly everywhere. Your turrets can not kill them fast enough and you can not interrupt them currently (at least not with a barbarian despite doing 2ish million a hawk strike).

Why do Djinn's have to spawn the same amount that spiders did at the end of the wave but have 5x the HP? Trendy you have made some good fixes that have helped make DD fun again but who made the strange decision to say that Djinn spawn == Spider spawn despite Djinn's being the much more powerful monster.

Possible Simple Fixes
1) Make Djinns unsummon from Melee Range (this seems like a no brainer, it would fix many issues with melee dps not being able to reach them).

2) Lower Djinn health even more

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Use more gas traps, stun them so long they despawn!

I've really been thinking of trying this, using a nakid traptress and placing gas traps then reequipping so they overlap

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