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Djinn Behavior - Let's try and figure this out

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Instead of giving up completely (although i'm going to wait until a few more patches come out) I was hoping the community can come together and map out Djinn behavior in a hope to be able to come up with a solution.

Questions that I have:
1) What determines what tower/aura/trap/defense a Djinn is going to remove? I've noticed them completely ignore some and go directly for others. Do they have similar behavior to ogres in that they go for what is damaging them first? If so we can probably work around that.

2) What tower actually seems to hit them? We really only have a few choices and i've noticed that harpoons can sometimes hit them but most of the time can not.

3) Do any towers prioritize them? I've noticed harpoons ignore them.

4) Do traps every hit them? In the patch notes it says they will be effected by gas traps but most of the time I see them floating too high off the ground to seemingly be hit.

5) How hard are they to interrupt? Is it just one hit/shot from anything or do you really need to work to interrupt them or is it % of damage based?

6) Other behaviors?

Things I've noticed so far:
- Djinn's tend to float at a random height.
- Djinn's don't seem to buff monsters all that often, they seem to remove defenses more readily.
- A Djinn's unsummoning time seems to have nothing to do with tower level.
- Djinn's seem to ignore attacks when unsummoning at times.

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Some observations from testing:

Djinn only fly up into the sky to stupid heights if you chase them there.

Channeling is interrupted if you do something like 20% of their max hp in damage while they're channeling.

They target the nearest things to them-- but their detection for that is also impacted by aura/trap radius, I.E., they'll target an aura because it's huge and has a giant AoE, even if its "base" is placed farther away than other towers.

Traps hit them.

Harpoons/MM/Fireball/Lightning/DST/Electric Aura/Slow Aura/Str Drain Aura work on them as normal.

They have no apparent priority for towers shooting them.

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