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JetLonestar, I have a request

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I see you say over and over again on this forum how easy the mobile version is and how people should "rethink their setup" and "get better gear". You post a lot but you are not helpful AT ALL. You never offer a map setup or tell people where to get "better gear." So to prove you are not a troll and are indeed someone we should all listen to in regard to this game, I want you to do something very simple that could be helpful to the rest of the DD mobile community.

I want to see YOUR setups for insane difficulty maps. I also want to see screen shots of YOUR "better gear" and your character stats from this better gear. I also want to know where you farmed said gear. If what you say is true (mobile is easy), this shouldn't be very hard to do with cubicle ninja map set ups and some simple screenshots of your characters. All of us frustrated DD mobile version players would be very grateful if you did this.


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Should of PM'd me as I rarely check the mobile section and have only just seen this. After the update to SW my SGS can't run DD anymore other than the first couple of missions, but I'll be getting a tablet at the end of this month hopefully and then will be able to show you my gear and setups.

The way I started mobile out was soloing with a huntress, there are still TONS of old threads showing setups of what to run for her and how to setup, run the game through hard and level her to 60ish, then you can solo TTR Insane with ease - hopefully if you've grabbed good enough gear, then you'll level to 70 after a couple of runs. (70 as I didn't play when it was 80 max level). Then begin to farm TTR Insane as you can get great GEP drops and rewards and check the shop after as that is where I would find my best armour pieces.

Power level an App to 70 through this method and then you can power level all of your other toons through Oakvalle Crossing. Once you've got four toons at 70 you can begin farming Insane Ramps for a bone bow/good pet resets.

I am far from a troll, I figured it was obvious for people where to get better gear - playing end-game levels on the hardest difficulties, if you can't do them then do the previous ones on easier difficulties and then build yourself up. You can't expect it to be easy from the very start but it is very doable on hard after lots of tries and attempts. Once I get a tablet, add me on GS and I'll show you my toons/gear. I can't talk about Endless Spires or The Summit though as I have no experience with either for mobile but I can imagine same rules apply.

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