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Are you guys big enough to host your own servers yet?

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It sounds like Trendy is really growing and this may be a ways out but it seems like it would be very beneficial for Trendy to move the business model from a play on your on PC and host from your own PC type of system to a server based system that keeps track of items.

I'm sure Trendy built this game (a great game, i love tower defense) without much capital to and therefor had to focus on a system based game. I actually remember this game as being a way to showboat some new technology for smart phones.

Your game has evolved into what it is today and I'm not sure how many people have purchased it but if you have enough capital don't you think it's time to move into more of a server based game to get rid of hackers and other problems players have?

You could keep one part of the game the way it is now and have another more expensive or paid subscription based model that includes all DLC that requires players to start over but maintains a database of items on a server so they can not be hacked.

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