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SOLD Yong 193^ : 575m C/O TSco

#2 Ssuma 141^ :

#3 Virgil 99^ :

#4 Monk Animus 117^ :

SOLD #5 Huntress Animus 117^ :

#6 Huntress Guardian 111^ (72 Boost) : 700m C/O Armordillo

#7 Squire Guardian 77^ (52 Boost) :

SOLD [[491,hashtags]] Squire Animus 114^ : 300m C/O

SOLD [[492,hashtags]] Genie 39/90^ (4075dmg): 200m C/O kazeha

[[493,hashtags]] Genie 91^ (1134base) :

[[494,hashtags]] Tower Pet 156^ (257 Tower Dmg) :


SOLD #8 Mythical Flaming Turret 2/233^ : 200m C/O Wicket

SOLD(Bugged) Mythical Flaming Toaster 2/218^ : 300m C/O [TSco] Stratis

[[265,hashtags]] Mage Staff 184/184^ (9223dmg+5projectile) :

For Disk I'm Looking for Hybrid Chain Glove or Boot. I can throw in other items as well if gear is good enough. Might also take high mana offers.

SOLD Mythical Electric Razorback 2/246^ :

Leave Steam ID and Offer and I'll add you if your offer is good enough, don't add me I'll just deny it. I'll be making sales though the day and update any C/Os on items.:mage:

As items are sold they are removed from DD store and links no longer work.

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2b + 150^ (aprox) NM HC Alch lab survival Robot (guess its worth 800m) - for the Mythical Electric Razorback 2/246^ + #6 Animus

Steamid: Rozzet (Picture of blue tank)

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Thanks for bids everyone, I'll be making sales to the highest offers in next hour or two depending on my free time here at work.

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Updated with 114^ squire animus, 2 Genies, and sold some stuff.

Want to say thanks to [TSco] Stratis and sorry for the bugged trade on the Flaming Toaster. He lost it in trade window but I refunded some mana back. Hopefully Trendy can do something about it.

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