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WTB 200^ Mythical armor, both DPS and tower sets needed, also need Squire Guardian

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Looking for some good really high upgrade Mythical Armor. Need all 4 resists on the DPS pieces and hero damage (and preferably hero health) on all of them. For the tower set I am just looking for the best tower stats, so resist and negatives mean a lot less.

And looking for the best squire guardian I can find, would prefer a 90^ one.

I have mana to offer as well as some high upgrade DPS pets, Huntress Guardian and some near 200^ or higher weapons.

Will pay up to 1-2b per piece if it is good enough.

My steam name is Zeeliot, feel free to add me and discuss.

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I have a squire guardian that I might sell if the price is right. I don't know the exact stats but I know it adds about +50 to most here and tower stats with a boost of +70 to speed it can only boost one tower at a time I don't know if that's upgradeable or not. I've used 20~(?) of 94 upgrades on it. please make an offer if your interested.


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