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[PC] My thoughts for improvements

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I got a few suggestions on how to improve the game, some are simple (I think) others are more difficult.

1. Game name and host: I have many times wanted to check the game name (even if I am hosting the game!) as well as who the host is, while playing. But there's no good way to check.
I suggest that when you press 'Escape' ('Start' on controller) there should be a text saying game name (for example "Phrosen's Game", as well as who the host is - "Host: Phrosen") at the top of the screen.

2. Joining games through Defendersstore.com: It should be possible to, while using Steam's browser and with Dungeon Defenders running, right-click and choose "join game" on a user from Defendersstore.com - to easily find the store that sells the items you are looking for!

3. Investing X mana in items: There should be an option that allows you to invest X mana (similar to setting item prices when using your own AFK Shop) as well as a button that says "Invest All mana" (similar to "Drop all mana") while upgrading an item. Making the whole item-upgrading-experience a whole lot more like levelling up your heroes. -Instead of upgrading items one level at a time.

4. Trading mana: Trading mana is a real hassle, you always settle with "close enough, confirm!". This feature should be reworked so that it works just like setting item prices in the AFK Shop. -Meaning you type in the exact amount of mana you want to transfer. (The current way of trading mana could still be kept, for those who have nothing better to do, of course.)

5. More controller button support: I have noticed a couple of window boxes are missing controller button support. For example when you want to Host a match (using a PC controller similar to the Xbox 360 controller) it says "X Host Game", then a new window pops-up where you can: Type in a game name ("Phrosen's Game", by default), "cancel" or "Ok" - The "Cancel" and "Ok" buttons doesn't have any controller button. "Cancel" could be 'B' on the controller, and "Ok" could be 'A'. -For when you don't want to change the game name, but leave it as default.
As it is now I have to let go of my controller and grab the mouse to point and click on the buttons.

6. Hide inactive mouse while using controller: Whenever I'm browsing using a controller the menus the mouse arrow gets in the way. If I forget to move it out of the way manually every time it messes up my navigation. I suggests it goes into hiding whenever someone uses a controller, and only reappear whenever someone moves the mouse around.

7. Quick buttons for setting prices: I suggest you create a few quick buttons for setting item prices in the AFK Shop. For example make a few buttons like these: 500K (500.000), 1M (1.000.000), 10M (10.000.000), 20M (20.000.000), and so on.. -It gets very tedious to type six zeroes every time you want to sell something.
Side-note: I also suggest that the max selling cap is reduced to 50M, because of the ridicolous prices this game has.

8. Video setting for adjusting Brightness: The title says it all, we need a video setting to adjust the brightness. I have many times felt the brightness is too high. Especially when the Fire Towers start spewing fireballs at the enemies.

I might add more later.
Thank you.

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