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I've hit 70 - now what?

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Hello community

Sry if this was already asked 1000 times but I can't find the posts or the threads.

I've just hit lvl 70 on my first character - a tower squire.

First of all, I'm kicked out of most parties cause even though I have full Godly gear, it's hard mode Godly and not insane. Most insane groups I join immediatly kick me out cause of this. Also, being a tower squire, if the defenses are already layed down, I get kicked.

So, what should I do in order to be able to keep progressing in the game?

Thanks in advance.


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You should probably level up your other characters to complement your tower squire. That will give you more flexibility when you join a party. I'd recommend an aura monk, trap huntress, dps ranger, dps monk, dps countess (call to arms is awesome party flavor), dps app. Haven't used adept or initate much (even though I have a couple of them leveled up.) Most campaign levels will also find tower apprentices useful. Just becareful when Ogres have 5-10M HP (i.e. UMF)... your app towers will die fast unless in a strength drain aura with a high level squire guardian.

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