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Does anybody actually 'get' nightmare mode?

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-No loot seems to be dropping from normal monsters
-The challenge rewards are **** compared to insane UMF drops (50-60 up weapons? okay...)
-Huge HP boost, but everything 1-shots you.
-Huge hero dmg nerf, but tower dmg is very high

Basically, rewards are **** and playing a hero spec seems pointless. Am I missing something or is this the jist of it from my first 5 missions or so.

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I get it. It was rushed into the patch because everyone and their f'ing ****** threatened to quit the game if x y z wasn't fixed to their exact preference. Unfortunatly Trendy just made it worse because this will now start a never ending flood of QQ. People are so used to just bashing things in the face and getting super shiny loot for it that this nightmare mode will be a whole new game for them. Once the bugs and problems are ironed out, I am definatly looking forward to it.

EDIT: Apparently 'm-o-t-h-e-r' is profanity?

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