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Yesterday I tried doing Mages Quarters on Insane, Survival, Mixed Mode. Me and three other guys reached wave 22 when a wyvern flew in and destroyed the crystal in two hits.
I realized that playing survival MM for 7 hours isn't worth it. Crappy loot until wave 21+ (which only had decent loot, not sure if wave 24/25 has that much better loot to make it worth it), and a too big risk to lose in one tiny mistake.
So instead I want to try UMF in the future. -At least it's gotta be a lot quicker..
The problem is that my heroes probably can't do UMF. So I need help with things to improve to be able to solo UMF on insane. Here are my heroes stats:

Huntress, DPS:

Squire, Builder:

Apprentice, Builder:

Monk, Builder:

Squire, DPS:

The DPS Huntress is my main char, so the others have been a bit neglected. (I can't afford to get them awesome gear and upgrade it.) Most of them has 70+ upgrade weapons, though (even if they aren't upgraded.)

EDIT: I was thinking of making a trap-huntress, but I'm not sure if it's worth it, or which stats to put points in - I'm guessing trap damage is pretty important..

TL: DR; What do I need to improve to solo UMF?
Thanks in advance.

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Check the forum, there are tons of builds for it. Basically, drop elec, strength drain, and heal aura in a mid spot. Drop fire trap on that, and spend all other DU on Elec auras + fire traps everywhere. Then stand in healing Aura and pewpew to wave 14.

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Judging from your characters items and build, you won't be able to just slap down auras and trap and pew pew to wave 14. What you can do is use your countess to dps. Do not plan on beating the map your first couple tries. All you need to do is beat waves 7-9 and you should get gear from chests that is on par with survival mixed mode and gear up. Once you slowly get gear you'll be able to progress further into the map. You should also be on the lookout for a bigger sword and aoe type weapon for your huntress should you decide to use her to dps.

A few tips for combat phase:
Try to ignore ogres until everything else is dead or there is nothing else around you. The faster you kill the trash mobs the faster the ogres spawn. You need them out as quickly as possible.
Don't single target down ogres.
Use AOE dmg.
When there's only 1 or 2 guys left and you have time left, run around and repair/pick up loot.

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Alternatively, if you don't want to buy anything (his stats after purchasing gear were roughly equivalent to hard/insane Glitterhelm runs), you can run Glitterhelm on Insane to get enough gear to complete the first wave of UMF. After you get past that, you can begin gearing up inside of UMF by just picking up all of the drops.

OR you can just ask someone who has extra gear to give/lend you some. If you add me and tell me what you need (tower gear, hunter/monk/squire/app weapon, ect...) I can try to farm a few peices and give them to you. OR you could just try joining one of my runs if you want :D.

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