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Ok - like... Neopets just gave me a 90+ hour suspension.

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They're like, raging hormonal apes who just HAVE to suspend/ban something at all times. They need to find a real job, because they clearly have too much time to **** around on a dead website while self-destructively pushing players away.

I play in the Battledome a lot there. And by a lot, I mean rarely, because it's a dead website. But I try to a lot. Amongst those that I play against, I am undefeated.

Today I lost my FIRST battle (I took a really bold move that I should not have :(). I congratulated the guy, after doing the "FUUUUUU" thing that I actually hate ever so much... So it only fits even more that I would HAPPEN to do it now.

Later, a guy is like, "ANYONE CHALLENGE ME, I AM THE BEST." So I tell him I'd battle him all day in the League that I play in, but I doubt that he'll take me up on that because rich people get intimidated by capped battles.

Well, he took me up on that. So he played against me for his first battle in the League I dominate in. Keep in mind, this guy is like, some Neopets bigshot (lol).

I'm annihilating him. He is trying different attacks, but can't even get past my basic defenses as I damage him over 4x more than he is damaging me every turn. From the looks of it, I won't even have to use ANY of my special tricks.

Then I get slammed with the 90+ hour suspension message in the middle of the battle, because of saying "FUUUUUU"... Battle canceled, all board posts deleted (making lots of people end up talking to themselves), and I couldn't even LOG OUT except by deleting my cookies. I make a new account just to try to APOLOGIZE for this guy's inconvenience, and my account has to be a day old before I can communicate in any way whatsoever.

Neopets is ran by beings worse than Nazis.

No joke.

I challenge anyone here to have any sort of regular, human conversation with someone else and not end up either (1) having to completely reformat your wording 70 times to finally get past the inappropriate language error messages, or (2) just not end up silenced/suspended/banned.

You can't.

It's just an inhuman place.

And it's a dead *** website and it shouldn't bother me so much, but it was just REALLY frustrating that they had to suspend the account, completely interrupting that battle, when they could have just silenced me. Not even GETTING INTO the fact that the reason itself is a monstrous joke.


Stupid website.

Choke on your own blood.

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fuuuu happens to be an ancient insult passed down from the neopet generations. it's also prolly the name of an unliked neopet, like flotsam, no1 likes that happy *******

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Lolz Neopets.... *logs in for the first time in years* the memories. How in the world did I ever spend so much time on that?

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LOL You are getting suspended quite a lot.

I hate to tell you, but Neopets is a KID FRIENDLY game. So anything that could even be mistaken as a bad word, immoral suggestion, or something above (p?)g, you WILL be banned.

Also, you don't have to post a new topic every time you get banned. And if your so angry about it, go write an E-mail do the higher-ups in Neopets.

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