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[PS3] Help us beat Summit Insane Survival Record (Looking for 2 DPS Huntress)

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Posted @ 2:30PM EST / 11:30AM PST

We have the 2nd-4th place spots and with a little luck and your help we can get 1st.

We only go for this once a week because it takes so damn long (2hr+) so here are the requirements:


1. LVL 70 Huntress (w/ Blasticus OR Crystal Tracker OR Soul Focuser)

2. Spec for DPS, Run Speed, Casting, HP, Piercing

3. Microphone

4. 2-3 Hours of Time.

To Join Us;
Send a PS3 message to : The_Lnternet

* The "I" in lnternet is a lower case L

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