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Allow item respec OR at least allow an 'undo' during upgrade process

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Yeah, I upgraded one of my pets too fast, and missed the guardian number of defenses upgrade at the level 20 breakpoint.

Can't we allow
a) undo during upgrade process
b) respec of pets or items
c) back upgrades?

Regarding c, make it so if your pet can get only 4 more guardian upgrades, he can get those upgrades afterwards.

e.g. if you have a level 11 pet, and you forgot to get the number of defenses upgrade, you can still get it now at level 11 (since you are entitled to one since you past level 10). If he has at level 22 and he NEVER got a number of guardian number of defense upgrade, he can get 2 more number of defense upgrades at level 23 and 24 respectively.

Sure sure, you can argue to be more careful, but isn't it a lil archaic otherwise?

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