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so thinking about playing APB:R again..

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anyone else here play it? looking for insight as to whether or not i should bother re-downloading the client

- i had IMMENSE fun playing in the past
- never gets old for me
- the game is just plain amazing

- community is, in general, ****
- MASSIVE hacker problems
- GMs seem to ban arbitrarily (many "mistake" bans of legit players)
- GMs are all a-holes

i play Colby, so if you don't play on Colby then most likely your input is useless to me :P

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Never heard of that game

Seems like multiplayer GTA or something like that.
that's exactly what it is. it takes all the aspects of GTA you love, and makes them MMO style. also it adds the age-old favorite cops and robbers dynamic

I thought about getting into it. What do you mean when you say massive hacker problems?
aimbots, wallhackers, etc, running rampant

the host spends 90% of their time tracking them down and banning the accounts

the hackers just go "lol" and make a new account

also, their anti-hack is punkbuster, which is just useless

i made the hacker problem sound like everyone hacks. this isn't the case, in fact it's only every couple matches you'll come across a hacker. however, that one hacker out of every 10-15 players is very obviously hacking, and it tends to just leave you sour afterwards

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