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WTB God Tier Ray-Gun Blaster

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I will pay up to 50 million for a top of the line Ray-Gun weapon. Stats that are most important are:

Upgrades, 40+ (60+ preferred)
Base Damage, 200+ (250+ preferred)
+Rate of Fire, Higher is Better
+Reload, 10+ (Ideally 15+)
+Hero Attack, Higher is Better
+Piercing Strike, Higher is Better
+Hero HP, Higher is Better
+Bullet Speed, Higher is Better

Tower stats can be -50 for all I care.
Hero Cast/Movement should still be 0+, but if the above stats are met, some -'s are fine.

I prefer a smaller weapon, but this is really a non-issue if the above stats are met.

Post the stats or a screenshot here and I will get back to you. Thanks.

Just to clarify, I am LOOKING FOR this gun, not trying to sell it.

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