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Gonna start some Mixmode Insane Alch, info inside!

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Starting a run for Mixmode Insane Alch. Semi-serious, might get to wave 14 or 15. Requirements:
~60k+ DPS Huntress / ~100k+ DPS Else
*Fairy HIGHLY recommended for DPSers.*
Tower Spec Apprentice /w DPS Weapon and Animus

Both must be able to sustain OUTSIDE of the base box. No pulling Warriors behind defenses!

Here's the build:

Plan is to have the Apprentice or a DPS on repair and west duty. Two other DPSer's will take North and South and I'll be on East.

I'll be taking care of all building unless said Apprentice shows up, at which point they can build the App Towers (middle fire Tower should be facing East).

Creating game as soon as DD opens and I make it: "DDFrms MM Insn Alch"

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