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[PS3] Buying tower & resistance armor; Selling stuff

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Edit: I will give priority to people that are willing to trade for some of the items I'm looking for as opposed to paying with straight up mana/mana value items, so please check your item boxes before making an offer.

I'm currently looking for:

- 27 upgrade Crystal Tracker with 115+ base and 5 SPS. Will also consider fully upgraded ones.
- Resistance gear in plate (helm, gloves, and armor) and chain (helm and boots) with solid resistances across the board (~12%+) and 18-20 upgrades. No single digit resistances, 1 stat can be low (like 10) if the other 3 are around 13-15 and there are enough upgrades to compensate. Would prefer no negatives as well.



Fully Upgraded:

'Redemption' Blasticus: 1322/9/79/2 (27/27)
'Bephelgor' Imp: 374/6 [Hero Stats: 13/13/12/11 Other: 12/14/THealth14/TSpeed9] (25/25)
Malificar's Rapier: 41/9527/4/81 (28/28); -4 Hero Health
Malificar's Rapier: 37/8609/2/66 [Tower Stats, 7/7/7/0] (26/26); -1 Hero Health
'Pandemonium' Draconis Ignis: 68/4589/7 Charge/5 Proj (27/27); -1 Knockback, -6 Mana Bomb - SOLD
'Tianlong' Serpent: 1467/6/2 [Hero Stats: 14/11/14/13] (25/25)

Unupgraded/Partially Upgraded:

Apprentice Guardian: 5/9, 13/4/14/14 (hero stats), 12 tower health, 9 tower speed (/39)
Crystal Tracker: 1506/6/32/4 ([COLOR="[[312,hashtags]]"]25/26)[/COLOR] - SOLD
Draconis Ignis: 58/4067/6/5 (24/25)
Fairy: 136/6 Hero stats 7/13/10/14 (19/20)
3x Alchemical Lab Laser Robots (random stats - for trophy hunters mostly)

If you would like to make an offer or think you might have something I want please reply here or, even better, PM me here on the forums as I hate the PSN msg system with a passion. I also don't have a mic so all negotiations must be made prior to meeting in-game.

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I'd like to buy the crystal tracker and draconis - have lots of mana, will look to see if I have resistance pieces.

PSN = Celdazero

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Updated. Added a Malificar's Rapier a hybrid Squire might want and my old Draconis Ignis (~105-115k DPS with decent charge technique).

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