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Don't trust the Bar Keep....

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I've speculated while in the calm reflection hours of Insane survival as to what this message really says to us....

I've possible theories....

1) The Bar Keep is actually half-ogre, and really after the Eternia crystal.
If you look, he's got a very shrek like appearance could easily be an ogre in disguise.

2) The Bar Keep is secretly giving you less mana for what you sell to him...
I mean lets face it who on earth is paying attention to those first few digits?

3) The Bar Keep bought that Dragon head off of TE-Bay...
I swear I can see the price tag....

4) He is the reason the crystal randomly explodes....
because he's put improvised explosive devices on the bottom of your crystal when it's chilling in the tavern.

5) He's the one that called the heroes away from Eternia....
Hoping that you and I wouldn't be able to defend them, doubting ur DPS.

Any other speculations?

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His ****** was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries.

"The Average wind velocity of an unladen swallow (european) is 24mph"
damn french guarding castles in the middle of nowhere....


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