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This Steam/Sync Issue has to go

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this is the 8th time in the past two days where the issues of DD sync'ing with steam have caused me to be d/c'd from TrendyNet....

How on earth am I supposed to finish up survival/pure strategy based requirements if I can't stay in a game that long without the split second disconnection that Steam does randomly causing the game to close....

It's making it virtually impossible to get a lot of the "great" rewards, this time I was at the end of a wave of Summit Insane Survival... nothing like killing four Ogres knowing the hard part is over, exhaling, and...

"we're sorry, blah, blah, blah you've been... blah blah, blah, Steam hates you, goodbye."

I know Steam is outta Trendy's hands, but how about something like keeping the game up for a couple minute window, you know... traditional gaming style where the "Zzzz's" appear above a player's head... sometimes a broken power cord symbol is used... you all know what I'm saying.

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You could try to disable Steam Cloud, see how that goes..

But yeah, if theres a problem with Steam, or you get Disconnected from Steam your game goes bye bye.

If theres alot of action going on and your Internet Connection cant keep up with it, this can cause issues as well.

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