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Solving the "Defeated X +Y" spam creatively

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I know for a fact I'm not the only one who is annoyed by the insane amount of "Defeated X +Y" messages that almost endlessly scroll through the bottom right corner of the screen. Only two get displayed per second; finish a wave with 500 monsters, and it'll take over four minutes to get through it. By that point, you've probably already started the next wave. At this point, the messages displayed to you become utterly useless.

I've seen suggestions to simply remove the queue from these messages and allow them to stack up. That's all fine and dandy, but why not solve the problem by introducing a little new feature?

This idea stems from a game called Orcs Must Die!, which I believe is a relative, even if a distant one, to Dungeon Defenders. The basic premise of the game is the same; you alternate between build and combat phases where you build things leisurely in order to combat the incoming enemy horde (consisting primarily of orcs; what a surprise), then hop in yourself with weapons of you own to fight them and stop them from reaching your defense objective(s). There's a lot of differences, yes, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. Moving on!

Orcs Must Die! has a statistic it tracks, and even awards bonus resources through, called kill streaks. These are groups of kills clumped closely together with respect to time. Kill 25 orcs within two seconds of each other, and you get a 25 kill streak, with a sizable cash bonus; about 500 coins, if I remember correctly, an award much larger than you would have gotten had they been killed outside of the streak.

Mechanically, it works like so:
-If you are currently not on a kill streak, once you kill something, an internal countdown timer starts, with roughly 3 seconds on it.
-If you are on a kill streak, and you kill something, the streak counter goes up, and a very small amount of time is added to the timer. The exact amount of time added is a function of the current kill streak; as your kill streak goes up, the time you gain goes down. Killing something on a 5 kill streak may add .2 seconds or so, but killing something on a 20 kill streak may only add .05 seconds. (The exact function would need balancing; this is just an example for the purpose of clarity.)
-If the timer runs out, your kill streak is logged, and then the streak count is reset to 0.

In this fashion, higher and higher kill streaks become exponentially harder to obtain, as all of the kills have to be clumped together in a proportionally tighter time frame as your desired kill streak increases. Pair this with the simple fact that each kill causes fewer monsters to still be alive (by definition, of course), and you'll ensure that kill streaks above a certain number will be something to brag about.

So how does this relate to stopping the message spam? Simple! Consolidate each kill streak into it's own message! Here, this is what I'm envisioning:

"Defeated :goblin::goblin::orc::archer::orc::goblin::goblin::goblin::archer::goblin::goblin::orc: +37 (Kill streak 12)"

I'd rather see that once than see 12 different messages that mean nothing.

This doesn't have to confer any sort of bonus of any kind. It can just be a statistic for bragging rights. But it can also be a much-needed message consolidator.

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or as i said in the other thread, group mobs kill msgs in the queue by mob type

:goblin: x16 +320

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