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Constant indecision, non-retroactive nerfs, and the future of dungeon defenders.

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Not that I don't enjoy playing with other people, I really do. However when I join a server to do an insane spooky run, and get kicked for not having a high enough dps, something doesn't exactly click. Trendy seems to be throwing in a catch 22 with most of the high-end levels. For those of us without the OP gear, we aren't allowed to play, because we don't have it. How do we get it? By playing these levels that we aren't allowed to play.

Having said that, I am going to continue playing this game, because although it's a bit rocky in some points, the premise of this game is unique, and ultimately a one of a kind, fun game.

TL;DR: nerfing damage and upping enemy HP = WRRRYYYYYY

Trendy = not too bad.

Dungeon Defenders = rocky, but still awesome.

I agree with stup's here, I mean I've been a runes of magic player for almost 2 years so I am use to seeing OP classes come and go, I'm use to seeing endgame take big leaps. This game is brand new, The devlement team is still learning how to work the game and all that jazz. so yes right now there is a lot of changing in the game I mean hell I went from soloing glitter (Hard) and getting nothing but godly items from chests by wave 7 to getting a godly every 8 full runs in less than 24 hrs I'm not happy about it but I know that it will change as the game goes on, Keep in mind they made this game not thinking it was going to get as big as it did, even they where surprised by the crowds, so I can only image it being overwhelming to get this many replys b*tching about the same thing, I'm sure by this time tomorrow there will be a new patch and a better fix for all this but give it time guys, stop getting all pissy about something that is still so new, nothing is perfect at first.

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