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[X360] Trading > Crystal Tracker ( 1700/6/38/5)

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Please leave offers and your GT below. Thanks!

Just an opening note, this gun is a little bit on the large side

This is a fully upgraded 27/27 Crystal Tracker, base damage was just shy of perfect by 2 points. Shots per second was also perfect, but reload is another story. Luckily this gun has a fast natural reload, so +5 still works great. Twenty-six points went into damage, and one point went to shot/sec.

I am really wanting to trade this for a high quality Genie. Something with close to 30 upgrades and an attack rating of around 190+ would be great. I would prefer un-upgraded, but it's also fine if the points spent went toward Hero Damage. I will consider any other offers as well, as long as they are perfect quality or very close to it.

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