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Some glaring issues that the devs may have overlooked

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Let me lay down some feed back; some of this stuff is seriously whack. I don't know what Trendy was thinking, but they're choices imply they were probably drinking. I've done some thinking and written up quite a lot of flaws, and I'm sure my hard work will lead to applause. This is certainly something Trendy should look into, as I am sure it will result in a big break through. I may not seem like I'm in a very good mood, but I can assure you I do not mean to be rude. I hope we get some serious response, as the changes needed are just a slight nuance.

The tavern keeper sells us guns and stuff,
I bet he doesn't even have a permit.
If we never eat, we'll never get tough.
Since he has no food, we can't go buy it.

This tavern keeper is a criminal,
I'm sure they will arrest him in no time.
And these orcs and elves have no principle,
Their joint effort might be a big war crime.

Elves and orcs simply do not get along.
Even the huntress hates all of these orcs,
And that six year old elf cannot be wrong.
Forks forks forks forks forks forks forks forks forks forks.

Look guys, if you would just lend me your ear,
You would understand we just need change here.

EDIT: I hope everyone goes ahead and takes note, poetic responses is what I promote.

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The kobolds and wyverns bring fire with fear
but you seem to forget why exactly their here
the kobolds only exist for thier friends
their friends could care less
so they die in the end

The wyverns bring power
of air and prestige
but seems that is nothing
when harpooned to a tree

so why are they here?
Well here is one thought
The great ancient dragon said
"I don't give a f***
Kill yourself kobolds
fly wyverns, be free
just get those irritating kids to leave me be"

Alas, it was failure
the defenders weren't stopped
and so the poor dragon
is now sad and withdrawn

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There was something with the timing,
That made me miss the rhyming.
I hate to say it ... but its true,
Maybe next time it will do.

Maybe it was rhyming every other line,
That caused my mind to not groove in time.
I tend to prefer the style you see here,
But it was funny ... so never fear :).


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I know the filter is going to wreck this post, but I thought I'd share anyway.

Damn it feels good to be a Squire
A real Squire-*** player builds his spec right
A real Squire-*** player never *****es 'bout the nerfs
'cause real Squire-*** players just win fights.
And Squires always gotta speed cap
Showin' all the Apps how he Bloodrage.
The real Squire-*** players don't ***** none
'cause real Squire-*** players know their placement
And everythings dead in the mind of a Squire
'cause Squire-*** players ain't weak.
No deaths at all in round 11
'cause real Squire-*** players heal freq.

And all we gotta say to you
workerbee, lookatme, p.shottin', forum-postin liars
'cause with ninjas jump down what the **** you gonna do
Damn it feels good to be a Squire.

(anyone with some actual knowledge of hip-hop/rap want to let me know how that actually works? thinking about doing a parody of the whole song)

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