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DD2 Nights of Dragonfall Patch

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Nights of Dragonfall Patch Notes

The Hunter

The Hunter was once a warrior who was turned into a vampire by Lord Malakai. He now hunts other vampires to protect Etheria from their wrath, despite struggling with his newfound powers and thirst for blood. He is known as the "Vampire Hunter" and is a symbol of hope for the people of Etheria.



Weapon - Bow’s

Secondary attack - Charged Shot 


Wooden Stake - Shoots a sharpened wooden stake that pierces through all enemies it hits.

Notes: it has no cooldown

Cloaked - The Hunter cloaks himself in shadow, becoming more difficult to target. While cloaked, all attacks are critical hits.

Blood Effigy - The Hunter creates an intangible copy of himself that fires his bow at nearby enemies, prioritizing the Hunter's target.

Blood Siphon - Fires a bloody orb that steals life from nearby enemies. The orb moves quickly with no foes nearby.


Spectral Knight -  This animated coffin summons Spectral Knights from the grave to attack in a wide arc.

Sonic Bat - Attacks enemies with piercing sonic waves, stunning them for a short duration.

Gargoyle Statue - Build a Gargoyle Statue that spawns four Gargoyles that fly to and explode on contact with enemies damaging and poisoning all enemies hit.

Werewolf Commander - Swipes at nearby enemies with massive claws. Each swipe also creates a small, piercing ranged attack.


Spectral Amplification - Increases the Defense Range of the Spectral Knight by x% and increases the AoE of its attacks by y%.

Napalm Gargoyles - When Gargoyles explode there is a 20% chance to ignite their target's armor, causing them to take x% extra damage for y seconds.

EMP Gargoyles - Gargoyles have an x% chance on hit to stun the target for y seconds

Natural Frequency - Enemies explode when killed dealing x% of the tower's base damage.

Overpowering Screech - Increases the Defense Power of the Sonic bat tower by x% but removes the stun.

Rebounding Strike - Attacks against the Werewolf Commander have an x% chance to do no damage and it deals y% Physical Tower Damage to the attacker.

Werewolf General - Increases the Defense Power of nearby defenses to x% Does not buff the Werewolf Commander, but the Werewolf Commander gains y% Defense Health.

Ambush - Increase Hero Critical Strike Damage by x% while Cloaked is active.

Exploding Effigy - When Blood Effigy expires it explodes dealing x% of your ability power and stunning for y% seconds.

Blood Ritual - Reduces the blood cost of your abilities by x%. After using an ability, take damage equal to 10% of your maximum Health.

Bloody Strikes - x% chance on hit to Bleed target, dealing y% of your Hero Damage stat as magical damage every second for 5 seconds. Bleeding enemies take z% more damage.

Extended Cloak - Increase Cloaked duration by x seconds.

Stunning Surprise - At the end of cloaked, stun all nearby enemies for x seconds.

Enhanced Effigy - Increases the damage of Blood Effigy by x%.

Effigy Overdrive - Increases the damage of Blood Effigy by x% but reduces the lifespan by y seconds.

Exsanguination - Gain x blood upon defeating an enemy.

Hunter's Instinct - Gain an x% chance to Dodge an incoming attack, taking 0 damage.

Lasting Siphon - Increases the duration of Blood Siphon by x seconds.

Poison Siphon - Blood Siphon is replaced with Poison Siphon dealing x% of your ability power as magical Poison Damage over 5 seconds.

Sharpened Stake - Increases the damage of Wooden Stake by x%.

Surging Siphon - Increases the damage of Blood Siphon by x%.

Tri-Stake - The Hunter now throws 2 additional Wooden Stakes but reduces the damage of Wooden stakes by x%.

Wound - Wooden Stake causes the target to bleed, dealing x% of your Ability Power stat as magical damage. Wound enemies take y% more damage.

Frosty Blades - Enemies attacked by Spectral Knights move at x% speed while taking y% extra frost damage for z seconds.


Lucky Strikes - +x Hero Damage and Ability Power each time you Critical Strike. Resets on non-Crits. ( Max Stacks 15 )

Empowering Claws - Each Werewolf Commander melee attack generates a stack that increases the damage of its ranged attacks by x. Stacks up to 6 times. Stacks are lost after 10 seconds of no melee hits.

Defender Pass


The Defender Pass is a new system that involves the use of daily/weekly challenges, and traditional play to reward the Defender Pass experience.  Getting enough of this experience will level up the pass and award items, materials, cosmetics, and currency. This system will include a free and paid version that increases the amount of rewards. Purchasing the paid version of the pass at any time will unlock any other previously gained progress.


Defender Pass XP

Campaign to Chaos 1 100 XP per map Daily Challenges 750 XP

Chaos 2 - 115 XP per map Weekly Challenges 3000 XP

Chaos 3 - 130 XP per map

Chaos 4 - 145 XP per map

Chaos 5 - 160 XP per map

Chaos 6 - 175 XP per map

Chaos 7 - 190 XP per map

Chaos 8 - 205 XP per map XP required per tier: 1500

Chaos 9 - 220 XP per map

Chaos 10 - 235 XP per map

All game modes, survival, onslaught, etc., will get XP for the defender pass, the XP will scale with the chaos tier equivalent on these gamemodes.

Defender Pass Skins

BloodBorne Bride

Werewolf Mercenary


S.T.E.A.M 1000 Engineer 

Vampire Brute Barbarian

New Flairs 

Werewolf Tail

Vampire Lord Crown

Bat Aura

Vampire Lord Belt

Vampire Lord Wings


New Titles
The Garlic Avoider - Defender Pass level 3

Blood Crazed - Defender Pass level 11

Of the Nightfallen - Defender Pass level 69

Vampire Lord - Complete the Defender Pass.


New Skins 
Plague Doctor

Crimson Grove Dryad

Night Witch


Returning to the Emporium 

Spooky Skeleton Bundle

  • Skeleton Monk Costume

  • Skeleton Huntress Costume

  • Skeleton Squire Costume

  • Skeleton Apprentice Costume

Halloween Spooktacular Bundle

  • Dark Noh Mask

  • Hobgobilin’s Grin

  • Mask of Insanity

  • Cursed Jade Mask

  • Blazing Hellgeist Mask

  • Boozzaro’s Grin

( all these masks are for sale individually )

Twitch Drops

Spider Hat - Just a spider catching a ride. (Patch 1)

Spooky Skeleton Arms - You might want to go to the doctor for that. (Patch 2)

Gargoyle Belt - An intricately crafted gargoyle belt, adds a touch of architectural mystique to your attire. (Patch 1)
After Life Portal - Summoning portal to the afterlife! (Patch 2)kmYZ4ftZO2fmrzus-dciWUE_ZB8wFFgh2nlLXRnl


Added three new ghost cat pets One for the Defender pass, one for the colonel, and the last is in the black market dealer.

  • Defender Pass Ghost Cat -  Level 55 in the Defender Pass.

  • Ghost Cat - 7500 Defender Medals from the Colonel’s Shop.

  • Dapper Ghost Cat - 1,000,000,000 Gold from the Black Market Dealer.

All three of the pets get this ability:

  • Cat Wail - Scares enemies with cuteness, increasing their damage taken by 100% for 5s. Cooldown of 60s.

Halloween Themed Tavern and Town

The town and tavern have been given a Halloween theme. Peepers now has the spooktacular crate and a defender pack as well as the normal daily gift!

Stat Squish

We have decreased all damage and health values of players and enemies by 10x. You should not notice any in-game difference of difficulty except in Onslaught floor 946 and above and high survival waves.  This was done to help avoid damage numbers above the 32-bit integer limit.


  • Increased the Firework Cannon damage scalar by 15%.

  • Increased the Sand Viper damage scalar by 15%.

  • Increased Angry Nimbus base attack rate from 1s to 1.25s.

  • Decreased the Nether Archer damage scalar by 20%.

  • Decreased Ancient Life steal from 1% per upgrade to 0.5% per upgrade.

  • Decreased Drill Smash scalar by 30%.

  • Decreased Explosive Blades Shard scaling from 1,500-5,000% to 500-2300%.

  • Crystal Hammer Max range increased from 4500 to 5000 and the range scalar from 0.5 to 0.65.

  • Moss Hornet Nest max number of bees on a single target increased from 3 to 6.

  • Changed armor formula as well as resistance calculations, the new armor formula is:

ArmorDamageResist = Min(Damage / (Damage + ArmorStat * 25), 0.3)

the cap is 70% damage resistance from just armor. The rest of the damage reduction calculation is: 

TotalDamageReduction = Min(ArmorDamageResist * DamageResistStat, 0.05)

Then this is used as a multiplier for incoming damage. For example, if you get capped damage resist from armor, 70%, and you have a total of 95% resist from equipment and talents the damage calculation would be:

FinalDamage = Damage * Min(0.3 * 0.1), 0.05)

This is an overall net buff across all chaos levels.

  • Changed petrify to not accumulate damage and removed damage increase while petrified.

  • Moved survival buffs to start at waves 276 - 466 ( Adjusted for stat Squish ).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Angry Nimbus flying up to the skybox.

  • Fixed Ogres falling through the map on the Lava Mines map.

  • Fixed Material Vault does not update the material icon when you take out all of that material from the slot.

  • Fixed Angry Nimbus not refreshing stats when upgrading or switching relics until the new game phase.

  • Fixed Heroic Wave not refreshing its duration timer when used again while active.

  • Fixed Ghastly Halberd benefiting from Tandem Strikes shard.

  • Fixed Tornado Highlands only rewarding one talisman on Chaos 10.

  • Fixed all resources being cleaned up on wave completion instead of just tower mana and gold.

  • Fixed Little-Horn Valley incursion daily quest completing from completing the wrong map.

  • Fixed Bouncing Phoenix mod, and similar mods/shards not working on Abyss Lord.

  • Fixed Defender Medals are awarded at each wave instead of at each checkpoint.

  • Fixed Chaos 10 mods not dropping on survival.

  • Fixed ancient power being applied before the ascension.

  • Fixed Elvish Artillery Cannon not being considered type tower for masteries.

  • Fixed Mercenary not taking damage from ghost assassins on the Altar of the Athame incursion.

  • Fixed Obelisk tower not being affected by a Call To Arms.

  • Fixed crit stats on Godly gear being rounded down to the nearest integer.

  • Fixed player shop listing new item UI to cap price to 1 billion.

  • Fixed negative damage being set to 2 billion.

  • Fixed Phoenix sound effects being maxed volume.

  • Fixed Call To Arms buff reducing slow effects.

  • Fixed Engineer’s steam blast increasing defense rate.

  • Fixed Anti Air shard not working with abilities.

  • Fixed Line of sight problems with Nether Archer.

  • Added Clockwork Sword back to the game.

  • Fixed survival checkpoint not updating when clicking map icon to select map


  • Added Pet materials to Vault.

  • Made hero details screen in inventory reflect actual stats after buffs.

  • Reworked enemy stuck behavior, allowing enemies to teleport back to their spawn.

  • Stash loading optimizations.

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  • 1aydan pinned this topic

New armor formula ArmorDamageResist = Min(Damage / (Damage + ArmorStat * 25), 0.3)

Old armor formula??

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On 10/25/2023 at 11:36 AM, atharix said:

New armor formula ArmorDamageResist = Min(Damage / (Damage + ArmorStat * 25), 0.3)

Old armor formula??

Im pretty sure they ninja-changed it again, my armor values got reduced like a day or 2 after the original patch by a lot.

Edited by Barnowear

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