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Survival Hotfix 3


Survival Godly Drop Chance Adjustments


The Gates of Dragonfall 50% Decrease from the original value


Bug fixes

• Reduced Devolve price

• Nerfed gates by 50% of the original value, not current

• Changed Survival Ring Passive names

• Added clamping to shop price and quantity for listings

• Parties don't lower the survival wave now

• Fixed an issue with checkpoint 100 clamping

• Potentially fixed a trading exploit

• Players' shops now dynamically update their player list

• Shops now switch to a new shop when their current shops player loses connection or disconnects

• Fixed an issue where the oil chip wasn't dropping all difficulties

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I cleared checkpoint 60 on the the crumbled bullwark map, and a Bastille master wrecked my defenses. When I went to the town and start survival again, it starts at 1. I tried to increase the checkpoint and it doesnt allow me to.

I did the same in Dragonfall town, and cleared checkpoint 60, and same thing has happened. 

I dont want to play 2 hrs to get to 50+ again. Am i doing something wrong? do you have to manually save checkpoints?


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