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DDA Hotfix - June 16th, 2023

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Game Version v2.1.0.35337  | Available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox


  • Updated Stuck Enemy Detection
    • When an enemy is stuck and not actively attacking the game or stunned it will attempt to reposition the enemy back on to a valid location, if this fails multiple times it will kill the enemy.
      • This should help either fix stuck mobs or kill them off much quicker instead of waiting for them to timeout.
      • Additionally Flying enemies are exempt from this system, due to their special pathing.
  • Strengthen Field Rune
    • Now heals back a % of the damage from reflected projectiles increasing per rune rank.
    • Additionally it now properly drops at the correct map & act.
  • Spiders
    • They will now hunt down towers instead of chilling at the core.
    • Rift Spiders are able to throw webs again.
  • King's Game
    • Now has some ambient sounds.


  • (Consoles Only, PC is fixed already) Fixed issue with waves not finishing in survival or mix mode after playing multiple in a row.
  • Rift Portals now spawn after wave 1010 in endless survival.
  • Foundries and Forges Furnace collision has been updated.

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