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When I type while agitated I often am not clear enough for people to understand the point that I'm trying to make. It isn't necessarily fair for me to say that Chromatic only cares for Awakened over DD2, it only seems like it.  I already know that DD2 was a free to play inherited game from Trendy in which there may be some royalty issues.


Sure, the higher you climb in Onslaught, the harder each floor gets due to mob health/attack/defense/resistance/etcetera increase. You could easily notice the scaling difficulty of each floor. About a month before chaos 10 was being released I climbed from floor 650 something to 946, no problems at all; very easy. After chaos 10 release I did what I always do: farm the next-tier relics and bump hero armor. I only do this to ramp the scaling power of my towers to be current with the next-tier chaos challenges, especially with three new enemies being listed in chaos 10, and the fact that I've done no Ancient Power reset. Before you say,"you've done no A.P. reset...", understand that I've experienced all scaling powers both mathematically and having witnessed each floors scaling power difference.


I get 17 relics c10/10 all either maxed or nearly maxed, and defense's shards are all guided, per usual. Step back in to floor 946, pre c10 release I'm not re-rolling to get my favorite map, nor to avoid Headstrong lanes with berserker orcs, post c10 release I return and get obliterated....melted. on floor 940 whatever, before the chaos 10 release my hero could take about 7 hits from the berserker orcs; my nimbus spent an average of max 3 seconds on mobs before destroying them; my Dryad could lane-lock with little to no tower help without the worry of death; bees would chainsaw any enemies, slimes would nuke masses of mobs, now doing almost no damage. After farming I return to Onslaught and berserker orcs now kill my Dryad in one hit as opposed to 7; my Maw of the Earthdrakes can only take two hits (all 10/10 mods and guilded shards...hardened, weighted stone, juggernaut, etc.) It takes over 10 seconds for my nimbus to finish off one Cybork, at 32 million damage per second, and I cannot get passed wave one on any map post c10 patch.

The defense tower scaling from C1 - C9 prior to the chaos 10 release was apparent and present. Remember, Chromatic did announce that they were not going bump players floors up in the Onslaught realm as they've done in the past per chaos release, and perhaps therein lies a defense tower scaling issue ever since the chaos 10 release.


To grind floors, mod 10 re-rolls, to guild shards, clear dailies and now weeklies, ever since 2015 or 16, whenever, to hang with this game, with Trendy, with Chromatic all this time because DD2 is my favorite tower-defense game of all time; all of the very hard times and glitches to improvements I can say that I no longer even either care or am disappointed in Chromatic. I have my wishes and I've also become much more empathetic to the world's issues.

I have 4968 hours logged into DD2 you all, and that is mostly pure grinding hours and mastery completions. My main is ascension level 8100+ without one single Ancient Power reset. None of this is either a brag  or something that I am truly proud of. If I could trade that time for something else, I would with such ease in choice. If I would have put thus kind of time into weight-training or piano lessons, I'd be a master in piano or some type of professional athlete. I know that this hits some World of Warcraft or EverQuest players in the gut, but It's true. There is so much going on outside on DD2 that I've not payed attention to.

So for Chromatic not to get the scaling of tower power right for chaos 10+ Onslaught: doesn't matter. The farming of chaos 10 is simple. Max out your favorite towers relics and build wisely. Hey you all, stop with the ,"C10 best tower defense set-up, META", etcetera, already. Any defense melts any c10 wave on any map within, usually, 1 min 30 seconds per wave or less time (depending on when the map spawns mobs within the wave). Any c10 relic'ed tower. 5 waves is fast and simple, any map any tower combo.

The only thing that I may not get to do is stream floors 990 - 999 with the only hero having no Ancient Powers and climbing solo, and mostly Dryad build. But, who cares? It's not going to get me a pay-raise and not one person outside of the DD2 world is even aware of what this game even is. I've put the time in, and will try variations on my Onslaught climb, but if I'm stuck, well, my problems with how Chromatic has handled this chaos 10 scaling are truly insignificant compared to what Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, parts of Europe, homeless in America (and thousands of other scenarios), are going through,  and are vastly worse than anything listed in this diatribe.

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