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King's Game Hotfix - June 2nd, 2023

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Game Version v2.1.0.35296  | Available on PC


  • Fixed issue with Endless Survival where waves would stop after playing multiple waves back to back.

Game Version v2.1.0.35295  | Available PC, Xbox and PlayStation


  • King's Game
    • Added an additional flying lane and made adjustments to others
    • Added Lane Wisps and Enemy Billboards
    • Lighting Update on the map to fix rendering issues and improved performance.



  • Fixed issue on consoles with King's Game causing screen to go black.
  • Fixed issue with Players joining or leaving mid combat wave causing waves to potential break.
  • Fixed display issue with the wave progress bar when players join or leave the game
  • Fixed issue with Schedule System thinking the wave ended before all the mobs were actually dead in various maps.

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