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Hello and welcome to the first ever True Boss Rush contest!
This contest was finally made possible due to added total time counter for a whole TBR run that we got in previous update.
The contest is co-hosted by Tbolt and Chewy
This time you are asked to complete a run of TBR using a standarized save with the shortest possible time.
Using a standarized save provides an even playing field for everyone, no stat and gear differences, pure skill is what matters.

You need to complete the map solo (if you are competing for "Speedrun" rewards)
Map needs to be completed on current game patch 9.1.2 without using exploits, or hacks*.
Note that if you are unsure if something is an exploit you can ask privately 
You need to play on OPEN or LOCAL using the provided game save.
What you can do with the save:
    You can create and delete characters and level them up.
    You can equip, unequip and move across characters all the items that are already on the save file freely.
    You CAN'T use any item not provided with the save and you can't farm any new items on the save.
Splits are not allowed.
The giveway lasts from the moment this post unlocks itself till the moment the post locks itself, you can see detailed time for your time zone on the top of the post
You need to try to get the best time(see image below)

Game save:
Note that you can set up the save the way you want and then copy paste it whenever you want to restart a run instead of having to finish the current run.

What to do with the game save:

1. Go to steam and right click on dungeon defenders, then click properties


2. Under general, disable (untick) Steam Cloud's "Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Dungeon Defenders"


3. Click on Local Files then Browse


4. Navigate to Binaries then Win32 and delete both DunDefHeroes.dun and DunDefHeroes.dun.bak from the folder


5. Copy over the linked save file


Tbolt made an AHK script to close your game, auto copy paste the save and restart the game, you can use it to make your restarts faster but it requires a set up.

#MaxThreadsPerHotkey, 2
#SingleInstance Force
SetTitleMatchMode 2
SetControlDelay 1
SetWinDelay 0
SetKeyDelay -1
SetMouseDelay -1
SetBatchLines -1


RestartCommand =
( LTrim Join&
taskkill /f /im DunDefGame.exe
xcopy /Y "%SAVE_FILE_PATH%" "%ROOT_DD_DIR%\Binaries\Win32\DunDefHeroes.dun"
start "" "%ROOT_DD_DIR%\Binaries\Win32\DunDefGame.exe"

#IfWinActive, Dungeon Defenders
Run %ComSpec% /C %RestartCommand%

You need to change the purple colored lines, Example:
SAVE_FILE_PATH = C:\Users\me\Documents\DunDefHeroes.dun
ROOT_DD_DIR = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders

There is a general pool of rewards, rolled among everyone who participated, the amount of rolled items will depend of how many people enter the giveaway.
"Speedrun" pool of rewards is entered by beating a time gotten by Tbolt, solo without splits

Rewards for "Speedrun" pool will be rolled among all people who beaten Tbolts time.
People with top 5 times will be guaranteed an event item from "Speedrun" pool
You can receive a maximum of two items, one from general pool and one from speedrun pool

Your entry needs to contain a steam link profile
A screenshot of "Level victory" screen 
A screenshot of Heroes tab
A screenshot of each combat phase time (example below)

A name of an event item you would want the most

Misc info:
*it was a very hard decision to make but to hopefully make it easier for everyone, rarely occuring glitches that help you beat the runa bit faster are not considered an exploit i.e:
AB2 bug on phase 3 of old one
Instakill of demon lord on old one

If you have any questions don't hesistate to ask on forums or Escev#7560, Chewy#4964, Tbolt#1376 on discord, also join https://discord.gg/FE4cRCs if you didn't do that yet!



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Escev gib reward pls

idk proto celebracers :PausChamp: (or just normal ones..)



Screenshot 2023-06-01 201328.png

Screenshot 2023-06-01 201343.png

Screenshot 2023-06-01 201357.png

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Posted (edited)

Fun contest! I have been trying really hard to beat Tbolt's times, will hopefully manage to do it soon and update my entry. Tbolt op!

(edit: edited screenshots after managing to get a respectable time, took me countless hours but finally made it!)

edit #2: VPC


Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198266263543



Edited by Jannis
Updated times to ones that beat tbolt's, added desired event item

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