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2 things about loot I don't quite understand.

1st the wiki says all armor pieces can drop on any map (does that apply to rifted?) and that you can target farm specific pieces of rift gear from waves 15 and 25 on specific maps. I see rifted armor pieces dropping on random waves but always the same type. Does the target farming mean that rifted item will be has a chance to drop through out the map but guaranteed on 15 and 25?

2nd Doing rifted massacre mode.  Yesterday was the first time I was able to get past wave 25 on Prom. Started seeing a lot of godly which I ignored because I have rifted trans but I also got a few rifted godly pieces.  Today I finally beat the summit wave 25. I went back to ancient mines set it to ancient dragon bonus wave but never saw a single godly unrifted or rifted armor piece. I made it to wave 33. Not sure how to get rifted godly sets. Prom only gives me 2 types of items for rifted.

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