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Hi, I was testing the Chi Spirit Tower in Chaos 10 and i was having a lot of trouble killing enemies, at first something was wrong because i thought enemies were being hit (visually) but not getting damage. Then i upgraded my relic to Chaos 10 to increase damage to try again and this confirmed my suspicion, it is not doing damage, idk why or when, but you can watch this short video to confirm.
Its not just this miniboss tho, enemies get hit but receive no damage at all many times, like 6 towers buffed by both buff defenses and 1 pylon and struggling to clear 1 lane despite the fact that C.S.T is an AOE defense and should clear everything, except for Orc Warchief, rather quick. In this build i already gave up but kept one for its debuff effect, and again, my Teslas weren't doing much more damage despite de debuff i thought, so C.S.T are not reliable as a defense nor as a support defense either because it is bugged.

P.S: This defense was bugged the day it released, hitting twice per shot, maybe this bug has something to do with that or the hotfix.

2023-05-23 04_19_15-Window.jpg


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