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Episode 2 Part 2 - April 28th, 2023 Hotfix

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Game Version v2.1.0.35022  | Available PC, Xbox and PlayStation

This is just a small hotfix primarily to fix the health issue with the Boss Mobs on Massacre Campaign. We'll be combining this hotfix and the last hotfix together and getting those into console certification and deployed once approved. 

Bugfixes & Changes:

  • Fixed issue with the Corrupted Temple Guardian Adds on the Dune Eater boss fight having too much health on Massacre Campaign. 
  • Fixed issue with Holy Bulwark protecting traps causing them to not lose charges.
  • Fixed Shroomy Geyser spellbook using the wrong name.
  • Fixed Shroomy Geyser tooltip not showing wrath buff description.
  • Added some sounds to Guardian Defenses
    • Voice over and more Guardian sounds coming next week.
  • Fixed issues with various items showing up under the Common Item Tier sort incorrectly.

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