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Episode 2 Part 2 - April 25th, 2023 Hotfix

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Game Version v2.1.0.34989  | Available on PC, Xbox and Playstation


  • Owl Perch
    • Removed DPS from the tooltip to avoid confusion.
    • Renamed Attack Rate to Reset Time, as this is the time it takes for the Owl to start flying again after returning to the perch.
  • Holy Cannon
    • Fixed issue with base damage not applying to enemies
  • Radiant Outbreak (Holy Cannon Rune)
    • Increased chance ranging from 5% to 60% at max rank instead of 2.5% to 40% prior.
    • Added additional stat that allows it to spread to multiple enemies at once, ranging from 1 to 3 at max rune rank.

Bugfixes & Changes:

  • Swapped out explosion VFX on Exploding Aura to be more subtle.
  • Fixed issue with Empowering Shrine buff to go away if you swapped heroes.
  • The Dune Eater should no longer target Towers with projectiles unless all players are dead.
  • The Dune Eater should now spawn in Endless Survival Boss Waves.
  • The Dune Eater health on massacre campaign has been fixed. 
  • Fixed issue with Double Edge and Guardian Reflect Rune combo causing crashes.
  • Fixed issue with Poison Dart Tower projectiles stopping inside of Siren Reflect Bubbles.
  • Transmog Limit has been increased from 25 to 30.
  • Removed localization on tooltip values causing weird issues with numbers.
  • Next map on Foundries and Forges now goes to Bazaar
  • Next Map on Lost Metropolis goes to The Forsaken Temple.
  • Powerful Gemstones no longer target Overclock Beams and Empowering Shrine.
  • Overdrive Rune no longer counts Empowering Shrine and variations of Reflects Field.
  • Fixed description error on Siren Reflect Rune.
  • Updated front and back side lanes on Castle Armory to have better navigation.
  • Fixed name issue on multiple default offhands.

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