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Episode 2 Part 2 - April 21th, 2023 Hotfix

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Game Version v2.1.0.34961  | Available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation

Hotfix 1 & 2 for Xbox and PlayStation in certification


  • Owl Perch
    • Early game Damage is reduced to match other defenses, but late game damage should be the same.
    • Early game Range was increased greatly, while late game range should stay about the same    
  • Paralyzing Smite Rune
    • Stun now goes from 1 to 10 seconds between all the ranks.

Bugfixes & Changes:

  • Fixed issue with Lycan King Test Gamemode having more health than intended.
  • Increased projectile spawn height on the Spider to prevent issues with hitting the ground.
  • Fixed issue with Non-Fusion Boss Weapons not dropping on Mixed Mode. 
  • Fixed issue with Mixed Mode not giving out additional XP.
  • Added tight enemy volume to stairs on Forsaken Temple to help with stuck issues.
  • Fixed issue with Chance Grenade not scaling properly with rune levels.
  • Added ambiance sounds to Forsaken Temple.
  • Increased targeting location of Dune Eater to make it easier for shorter defenses to target.
  • Fixed a few collision issues with rocks on Forsaken Temple.
  • Castle Armory now has the same loot quality as Bazaar on Mixed.
  • Fixed Kobolds dropping Act 4 runes in Act 5 maps.
  • Fixed description error on Holy Cannon.

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