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[Contest] Djinns in the Jungle

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Welcome defenders!
Are you ready to put your skills to the test in the heart of the jungle? 
Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, this is your chance to gear up and build a Tiki-Djinn army to help you fight off the enemies.
So gather your friends (or play solo), sharpen your defenses and get ready to Rumble in the Jungle!



Map: Rumble in the Jungle on NMHC

- For those who haven't played the map before, it's highly recommended playing with sound effects.


The amount of prizes given out will depend on the amount of entries with 1 exception: the fastest clear is guaranteed.

Yes, there's a speed-run element as well so put on those running boots if you want to be sure to win.




You must have minimum 4 characters in during all waves. You can either do that by playing with others or using the built in emulator to add extras.

You must post a screenshot of victory screen, hero list and tower list. Please use imgur if you can't post the screenshots directly in here.

Add steam link in your post.

No Apprentice towers

No Gas Traps

No Harpoons

No Summoner towers



End date: May 5th 23:00 CEST




DeepMagic: Maelstrom

Kayyo: Old One's Stache

Excalibersoul1928: Final Patch

Tzill: Captain Isom

Purple Cat: Sapphire

Waxman7101: aMAZEing Vision

Sin of Wrath: Fallen Bark

Pupeska69: Rockshatter

Cakepwn: Ginger

Jamesy T: Aimer


Blazed: NPC
Oliversn: NPC
Filip: NPC
Musakani: NPC
Overlord X: NPC


You can contact me on Discord/Steam to receive your prizes, or I'll contact you at some point.



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Discord: Livetorock#1711
Did it with excalibersoul1928  And two others (who will prob post later) I was Rule/Xishi/Turret-y. Kinda looks like hero list broke because of my alts. But you can see the chars excalibersouls screenshots.
Also for anyone trying to do this, party poppers def can help if you are getting stuck! GL everyone and thanks for the contest!

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Posted (edited)

Discord: Faldaria#7232


played with purplecat, bob, salted, and waxman


there is a visual bug in the hero list though, showing 2 salteds, but it shows me (hotpocket) in the dps  rankings












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Discord: defenderbob#2810

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/76561197979792050/

Did it with the group above,  salted, griede, Cat and Waxman

My SS look like cats because mine never shown in-game :(

 imgur gallery




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Steam id : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198169498286/

Discord Ase#3442

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