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Episode 2 Part 2 - April 19th, 2023 Hotfix

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Game Version v2.1.0.34935 | Available on PC 

Bugfixes & Changes:

  • Fixed issue with false Hacker Flags linked with trading.
    • Those that were affected by this have been unflagged.
  • Disabled Ogre Pulse Acceleration on Forsaken Temple causing non stop waves of ogres during the boss phase.
  • Added Missing Guardian Description.
  • Fixed a bunch of string tags on Descriptions for abilities and defenses that weren't displaying properly.
  • Fixing various map holes / collision around Forsaken Temple.
  • Added some enemy kill volumes for spiders that decide to leap into the city area on Forsaken Temple causing them to get stuck.
  • Fixed Collison on Castle Armory with Ogres trying to walk themselves into walls.
  • Fixed issue with Golden Hammel not unlocking properly at wave 100.
  • Fixed issue with Foundries and Forges missing Lycan King Bonus.
  • Rank 4 Divine Absorption having 60% instead of 6%.
  • Fixed stat scalars on Fusion Crystal Weapons & Non-Fusion Obsidian Boss Weapons
  • Added enemy kill volumes for arch on Bazaar where copter ogres could land and get stuck.
  • Owl Perch gets a bit closer to an enemy now before dealing damage.
  • Mini-Ogre Pet not being mini when transmoged.
  • Castle Armory Fly through using Master Channel instead of Cinematic causing it to be louder than intended.
  • Removed Fog from Castle armory that was making the map look really hazy.

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