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Dungeon Defenders 2 Hotfix 3/29/2023

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Thanks for playing C10 and helping us pinpoint those nasty extra "features" included. 


- Fixed onslaught chest loot not dropping c10 materials and shard packs
- Fixed Talismans being used reroll c10 mods on relics
- Fixed gear score requirement for chaos 10
- Fixed Embermount dropping Chaos 9 rings on chaos 10
- Fixed Engineer mods not dropping
- Fixed Axorang VFX
- Fixed LavaBeast taking more damage than intended
- Fixed Decals not working in the cave Crystal Mines
- Fixed enemy spawn where the player can fall through on Crystal Mines
- Fix for restart level with EV towers tracking wrong DU values also clamped DU to 0 so it can't go negative

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