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Episode 2 Part 2 PTR Hotfixes

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Hotfixes for the PTR, will be grouped by version number.

    4/7 | Game Version v2.1.0.34820 | Final Patch Before Release

    This will be the final patch for the PTR and so the PTR will run through the weekend and then close as we make any final changes before release. Make sure you fill out your survey before the weekend is over in order to get the PTR reward when the update comes otu.


    • Added new Tac Map Images for Castle Armory and Forsaken Temple.
    • Updated Guardian Image Art
      • Hero card
      • HUD Portrait
      • Tac Map Icon
    • Lots of Visual Fixes for the Boss and Crystal Weapons
      • Transmog
      • Sockets
      • Icons
      • Rift Material Tweaks
    • Fixed issue with Fusion Mini-Ogre Pet not dropping on Castle Armory.
    • Add to Trade inventory action no longer shows unless you are in a trade.
    • Added Map Flythroughs for Castle Armory and Forsaken Temple.
    • Added Defeat Cinematics for Castle Armory and Forsaken Temple.
    • Updated Tower Prevention Areas on Forsaken Temple. 
    • Updated Names and Descriptions for new pets.
    • Updated Favored Map Text on new runes.
    • Fixed issue with Flash Heal Visuals not showing up on clients.
    • Guardian now has a headless model variant for transmogs that replace the head slot.
    • Replaced Mystical Repair Rune Icon with a new icon.

    Known Issues:

    • Deeper Well has a experimental special enemy spawning system that is being tested which we will have more info on this once we are ready to deploy it to all the maps but currently is causing the map to not finish properly.

    ------------------------------------------------------ OLD PTR PATCHES -------------------------------------------------------

    3/31 | Game Version v2.1.0.34744 | Available PTR Only

    New Additions:

    • Mini-Ogre (Pet)
      • Drops in Castle Armory
      • As expected is a mini ogre that will melee attack and throw mini snotballs / kobolds (Fusion) at enemies with a large AoE.
      • Known Issue: the name and description are still tied to Mega Chicken
    • Divine Absorption (Rune)
      • Drops in Foundries and Forges
      • The Holy Bulwark now heals X% of damage received from the towers it is protecting. It will not heal from damage the tower receives directly.
    • Retribution Aura (Rune)
      • Drops in The Outpost
      • While Divine Protection is active X% damage received is reflected back at the enemies.
    • Radiant Outbreak (Rune)
      • Drops in Glitterhelm
      • The Holy Cannon has a X% chance to transfer the DoT stacks to another nearby enemy when that enemy dies.


    • Divine Protection
      • Reduced healing percentage from 20% to 10% of damage dealt.
    • Paralyzing Smite
      • Now uses proper duration table and goes from 1 to 8 seconds now.


    • Fixed issue with clients not being able to flash heal at the correct location
    • Added Tac Map Icons for all the Guardian Defenses
    • Static Shock has been renamed to "Immobilizing Ray"
    • Fixed bump in The Forsaken Temple that was causing players to stop.
    • Removed spammy logs about particle systems. 

    Game Version v2.1.0.34722 | Available PTR Only


    • Holy Cannon
      • Removed the small 70 unit AoE.
      • Projectiles no longer get destroyed on world terrain.
    • Zephyr Pet
      • Significantly reduced damage to be closer in line with other pets.
    • Guardian Divine Protection
      • Now has a hero speed boost that applies to the guardian while active.


    • Fixed issue with Owl Perch stopping at enemies.
    • Updated Max Item Upgrade Level for the item tiers.
    • Fixed issue with fireball VFX having the spark trail follow the same trajectory. 
    • Fixed issue with Roots of Purity Rune Slow stacking with itself.
    • Guardian Spell book has been added.
    • Fixed issue with Siren Reflect Rune causing flying enemies to not path correctly.
    • Fixed missing tower range view for Owl Perch and Empowering Shrine.
    • Empowering Shrine now updates it's buff range if the tower range changes.
    • Empowering Shrine Rune now updates the tooltip.
    • Fusion Holy Bulwark missing Rift Armor when placed.
    • Fixed issue with torches causing pathing issues for some enemies on The Forsaken Temple.
    • Zephyr Pet
      • Updated Icon
      • Fixed issue with missing tornado projectile VFX
      • Fixed issue with rotation issues

    Game Version v2.1.0.34698

    New Additions:

    • New Item Tier: Supreme
      • This new item tier encapsulates level 100 and 110+ of items that drop with more than 4550 quality or higher. These new items will also roll 3 item effects.
        • Note: Existing items that fall into this range will only have 2 item effects.
    • New Pet: Zephyr
      • Drops on Forsaken Temple
      • Shoots tornados at nearby enemies, the tornados stop and linger once hitting an enemy and deal AoE damage to all enemies in range.
    • New Rune: Empowering Friendship
      • Drops on Royal Gardens
      • Increases hero attack power by X% for each person inside of the empowering shrine effect range.
    • New Rune: Flaming Owl
      • Drops on Tornado Valley
      • Enemies hit by the Owl Perch will receive a DoT dealing X% tower damage every second for Y seconds.
    • Defense Functionality: Holy Bulwark
      • The Holy Bulwark will now protect nearby defenses by absorbing any damage they receive and applying it to itself instead.
        • Note: Holy Bulwark will not protect other Holy Bulwarks.


    • Guardian
      • Obelisk
        • Debuff range increased from 350 units to 500 units.
        • DU decreased from 5 to 4
      • Owl Perch
        • Movement Speed Increased
        • Animation time decreased
        • Targeting switch to fodder instead of special
        • DU Cost decreased from 4 to 3


    • Filter for Item Rarity is now called Item Tier instead of Quality
    • Added sort option for Item Quality 
    • Adjusted a lot of steps around Forsaken Temple that would cause heroes to stop when trying to walk over them


    • Potentially Fixed some issues with Spiders, Copter Ogres and Djinns being stuck on Forsaken Temple.
      • There will probably be some more spawns that need to be tweaked.
    • Added some more kill volumes to the molten gold pools on Forsaken Temple

    Game Version v2.1.0.34684


    • Owl Perch
      • Increased damage by a significant amount
      • Increased movement speed
      • Decreased range.
      • No longer lands during the combat phase
      • Sped up various attack animations
      • Removed 10 target limit, will still only hit an enemy once until it returns to the perch


    • Added Guardian to the hero selection filter list
    • Fixed issue with Owl Perch not moving to a new target if their target dies.
    • Renamed Level to Quality on the tooltip
    • Added Kill volume to one of the molten gold pools in Forsaken Temple
    • Fixed one of the cores on Forsaken Temple floating above the ground.

    Game Version v2.1.0.34681

      NEW RUNE:

      • Deadly Gaze (Drops in Castle Armory)
        • The Obelisk will apply a DoT to all enemies within the obelisk's debuff range dealing a % of tower damage per second.


      • At the top right of tooltips you'll notice that it says Quality instead of PWR, and that item power has been moved to the bottom left. This is in preparation for a change we are going to be making soon. Level is essentially the RNG potential of an item. 
        • Example if a map can drop a between 1 and 100, getting a 100 is a very very small chance, but it has the highest potential to be good.


      • Fixed issue with new loot quality not being correct on the new boss map on Mixed Mode.
      • Fixed issue with new bonus difficulty not obtaining the new highest loot quality. 
      • Bosses now have increased health on the new bonus difficulty.
      • Empowering Shrine should now remain infinite while within the circle and linger after leaving the circle.
      • Obelisk will now retarget enemies after an enemy dies and or a higher priority enemy comes along.

      Game Version v2.1.0.34676


      • Fixed issue with targeting on the Castle Armory.
      • Updated Rift Materials for all the guardian towers
      • Updated XP values on new Act 5 Maps.
      • Fix some minor text issues.

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