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3/20/2023 Early Game Hotfix

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Wanted to get a small hotfix out for some of the early game issues we've gotten reports for as we are prepping for the Episode 2 Part 2 PTR with the Guardian, 2 new maps and more!

Game Version v2.1.0.34620 | Available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation


    • Fixed issue with issue with Nightmare & Massacre gear having higher level requirements than intended.
    • Potential fix for Rogue Djinns not being targetable on Royal Gardens
    • Fixed issue with Map Select keeping Nightmare and Massacre locked until Summit was beat.
    • Fixed issue with Beaming Blossom rune losing damage stacks when in wrath mode.
    • Fixed issue with Deeper Well Loot chests missing items.


    • Removed difficulty selection slider on the summary screen as it was not a working feature. 

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