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Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend. I know plenty of you have hopped into Etheria this past week as both returning and new adventurers in hopes of amazing loot and cosmetics galore. However, due to malicious gobu interference we encountered an ongoing issue with some users not receiving their rewards for Twitch Drops via Email. We are actively working to fix this issue and an initial fix rollout should occur soon. Here is what this will look like: You will receive a follow-up email containing new codes for all the rewards you claimed. These codes will be entirely new regardless of if your initial claim worked or did not, so consider any extra keys a freebie for use at your own discretion (Spoil your friends). These keys will only correlate for rewards you have claimed. IE: You only unlocked up to the monk pet drop, you will only get codes for the squire, huntress, and monk. Not the apprentice and pizza wings. 

IF you do not receive a follow-up email within 4 days time. Please submit a customer support ticket. This means at some point in the process the email got lost by the system, this issue has occurred in a small amount of cases but due to customer support influx response times may be longer than usual. A customer support ogre (and recently hired customer support gnome) will individually assess your account's transmog inventory and add missing rewards accordingly.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience. Hiccups aside we are thrilled with the turnout for this first iteration of Twitch Drops and have recently found a safer, stronger way to ensure drops for future fun. Etheria is looking brighter everyday as we battle together, and we will work to ensure the smoothest of adventuring for future fights.

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